9 simple exercises to keep your mind clear

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To avoid frustrating people around you or yourself due to your poor memory, try using these exercises that help clear your mind!

A clear mind will help you avoid mistakes such as forgetting to remove your car keys or back up files, or forgetting someone's name. However, in addition to providing nutrients and getting enough sleep, some simple exercises below will help you clear your mind and improve your memory.

How to keep your mind clear and remember better

1. Use your non-dominant hand

9 simple exercises to keep your mind clear

If you are a right-handed person, try using your left hand once in activities like eating, writing, holding, lifting objects. You may find it difficult to get started, but when you practice multiple times, you can do at least one daily task with your non-dominant hand.

The idea of ​​using your non-dominant hand comes from the need to develop the dormant part of the brain. This helps promote the expansion of the parts responsible for processing information from the tactile sensory cortex.

2. Close your eyes to work

There are several types of work that you do every day and don't need to think about. Surely when cleaning the house you did not remember how many steps you walked. When you wash dishes, you're not sure how many dishes are in the kitchen. The reason is because these activities are so often that you neglect to do them.

You can try doing daily activities while closing your eyes to stimulate the brain. Close your eyes when you shower, go from room to room and during other activities. This way, when the hand touches an object, the signal of that object is transmitted to the brain.

3. Change the daily activity schedule

Do you usually prepare an activity schedule the day after waking up? The habit of repeating can make your mind stagnant, it's time you change to be more active and lucid! Changing habits and creating new actions will help maintain the brain's agility.

You do not need to do things that are too complicated, simply refresh the activity every day. For example, you might reverse changing your clothes before breakfast, changing your gym or even watching cartoons instead of morning news.

9 simple exercises to keep your mind clear

4. Look at objects upside down

You always see things the way people see them. However, have you ever wondered why kids can hold books upside down and read or hang up trees and look at things in the opposite direction?

You can place your family picture frame upside down on a table, hang a clock or calendar on another wall, or even wear a clock upside down. This way, when looking at those objects, the brain will begin to focus on the analysis and help increase brain sensitivity.

5. Play with coins in a glass of water

The braille system supports the visually impaired to easily read but difficult for ordinary people. However, when you touch the word, you will know how visually impaired people read it. They touch and feel the letters printed on it. So instead of using sight, they ask the brain to read information from touch.

There is a way for you to train the brain cell agility similar to the braille system. You just need to put the coin into a glass of water, touch it with your hand. Then try to guess the face value of the coin without looking at the glass.

9 simple exercises to keep your mind clear

6. Read aloud when you're alone

Try reading aloud when you're reading books or documents in a quiet room. The reading process will take a few minutes or longer than usual but will be beneficial to help you improve your memory.

Research shows that three areas of the brain light up whenever the words in a book are read aloud. Listening to audio books has the same effect on the brain. By reading aloud, the brain tends to use multiple brain circuits at the same time.

7. Familiarize yourself with apps that help you remember

Apps that help you remember better right on your phone are useful innovations that increase your ability to remember things effectively. Do you remember mathematical formula clusters or remember English vocabulary words? Try using related applications to be able to memorize things to remember anytime, anywhere.

Currently, there are many good apps for you to remember the essentials available on your phone. This method makes the brain area more sensitive and increases the ability to remember effectively.

8. Try eating foods you've never tried

9 simple exercises to keep your mind clear

It's time to change if you only order the same food when you go to eat every day. Trying new foods is an opportunity for the brain to contact new flavors and signal the nose to activate receptors. This change will help the brain have new sensations and feelings.

As for the home menu, too, you should try cooking a few new dishes daily. You can use different spices to enrich your meal. Just search for the name of your favorite dish, there will be many websites and YouTube channels to guide you!

10. Chat with people around

Talking and meeting people will help the brain grow stronger. When you start talking to other people, your brain is responsible for receiving and transmitting information. Interacting with people gives the brain a chance to receive new ideas and thoughts, which can benefit you.

You can actively create conversations with strangers every day. Such as when buying things at the supermarket, waiting for take away coffee, greeting new people to the company... The conversation will make you feel happier and more sensitive in communication.

9 simple exercises to keep your mind clear

In order to have a good memory, in addition to the exercises that help clear your mind, you should actively use the senses in daily activities simultaneously such as taking notes, smelling fruits, listening to music, etc. To brainstorm more, you will no longer have to be dumbfounded every time trying to remember what you need to do next.

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