9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know

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If you have owned a car for years or you just learnt how to drive, some knowledge about cars had to be learnt. But there are more than just basic cars knowledge and knowing them can drive you a long way. Here are 9 secrets about cars that skilled drivers know we would like to share.

We at Break love the thrill of getting behind the wheel, so we’re sharing a list of expert tips and tricks that you need to know.

1. Your car battery might not have to be replaced.

9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know

If you seem to be having issues with your car’s battery, your first instinct might be to have the battery replaced. Often, it’s the battery’s wires that are the problem due to corrosion. One trick people can use to fix this is pouring Coke on the wires; it helps fight the erosion. Or it might be cheaper and easier to recharge the battery instead. If you do need to replace a battery, make sure it’s new since batteries can degrade over time.

2. It’s more important to make sure you don’t run out of oil than to keep the oil clean.

9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know
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If you think you have to replenish your car’s oil every 3,000 miles, you should know experts actually suggested waiting until around 7,500 miles, with some professionals claiming it’s safe to wait for around 10,000 miles. When it comes to car oil, it’s more important to make sure your car doesn’t run out rather than if it’s dirty. Oil usually evaporates in modern cars anyway.

3. Check for rust on your brake pads.

9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know
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When you hear your car brakes making a screeching sound, your first instinct is to go get them replaced. Normally, it might be better just to have the brakes treated for rust which can be easily removed by brushing, scraping or even blasting it. Generally, brake pads don’t need to be replaced until they’re 90% worn down.

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4. Be careful with free inspections.

9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know

When your mechanic tells you what your car needs and what it doesn’t, you probably don’t want to question a professional. Unfortunately, there are mechanics out there who are more concerned with assigning problems and charging you lots of money, even when you took your car to a “free inspection.” Luckily, there are some signs to look out for.

For one, if they claim a part needs to be replaced, a trustworthy mechanic will show you the part and explain why it can’t be fixed. A mechanic who just expects you to blindly replace it might want to add to your bill. Even language can be an issue. Be careful with mechanics who claim problems are too complicated to explain, they try to scare you into thinking something is needed or even try to bully you against questioning them.

Always try to get a second opinion and remember, when dealing with a suspicious mechanic, you can always get a car towed to get a second opinion.

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5. Don’t ask your mechanic to rotate your tires.

9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know
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When it comes to getting your tires rotated, don’t ask your mechanic. Not only is it hard to tell if they have actually been moved, but many specialists don’t believe it actually helps the tires improve speed. If needing your mechanic to rotate your tires becomes unavoidable for whatever reason, mark them with chalk to ensure that they have actually been rotated.

6. Don’t fear the check engine light.

9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know
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The most common reason your check engine light appears on your dashboard is because your gas cap isn’t fastened well enough, causing oxygen to enter through the gas line. Often, what appears on your dashboard depends on the design of the vehicle or software issues instead of actual problems with the car.

7. You probably don’t need special additives.

9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know
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A car specialist or mechanic must suggest certain additives for your engine, gas tank, or transmission to help improve your car’s performance. Realistically, your car already gets special additives from gasoline and engine oil. The important thing to remember here is simply to regularly change the oil.

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8. Online driving courses can really help improve your driving experience.

9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know
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There are many benefits to taking online driving courses: they can help you save money on car insurance, get points off your driving record, and keep you up-to-date on driving laws.

9. Avoid speeding.

9 Secrets About Cars That Only Skilled Drivers Know
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