9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

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The beautiful mountain peaks have a special attraction. But Mount Everest is getting more and more crowded. So, where should we go?

Here is a list of the most beautiful mountain peaks worth conquering apart from Mount Everest.

9 best mountains to conquer besides Mount Everest

1. Mount Ararat

Height: 5,137 meters

Location: Turkey

9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

The name Aranat is said to come from the Sanskrit word for "holy land" or the Turkish word for "pain" or "sadness".

This volcano is no longer active, so people can hike to this beautiful mountain top where you can see Turkey, Iran and Armenia. Mount Ararat has two cleverly named peaks, Great Ararat and Little Ararat.

Legend has it that the Boat Noah ended its journey on Mount Ararat on the 150th day of the Great Flood, fragments of the ancient wooden ship have yet to be found.

2. Mawenzi

Height: 5,149m

Location: Tanzania

9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

With a name meaning "crumpled, jagged," Mawenzi is the third highest mountain in Africa and has a rather unpleasant appearance with a steep, sharp and hard top. Mawenzi is very dangerous, so it was closed in the early 2000s because too many people died.

The mountain is now reopened to climbers, but you'll need to make sure you have the qualifications needed to begin your journey to one of the world's most beautiful peaks.

3. King Peak

Height: 5,173m

Location: Canada

9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

King Peak is named after William King, a Canadian surveyor, astronomer and civil servant, not a king who lives here.

There are three Peaks in the world: one in California, one in Utah and one in Canada. The King Peak in Canada here is a twin peak, an ice volcano in the Yukon Province.

No climbing permits are required, so King's Peak is an ideal spot for climbers to "kick off" before settling down mighty Mount Logan just 16 meters away.

4. Mount Kenya

Height: 5,199m

Location: Kenya

9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

Its name comes from the word "kirinyaga", which in Kikuyu means "residence of the male ostrich", because of its distinctive color.

Mount Kenya has three mountain peaks ranging from moderate to difficult to access. The most popular peak for climbers is Point Lenana, as it is the most viable and affordable (for hikers and hikers).

Mount Kenya is located in Mount Kenya National Park where there are many other activities to do, such as caving, camping, birdwatching and African wildlife detection.

5. Iztaccihuatl

Height: 5,230 meters

Location: Mexico

9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

With the name meaning "white woman", Iztaccihuatl (also known as Ixta) is one of the beautiful mountain peaks with personality. If you look at this volcano from the west or east, you can see that the mountain looks like a sleeping woman. The north side is the head, the center is the belly, the south is the knee. It last erupted in 1868.

A trip to the top of Iztaccihuatl takes 5-8 hours, with the most important challenge being the change in elevation. Ixta belongs to the Iztaccihuatl-Popocatepetl National Park, which is home to a diversity of habitats for wildlife.

6. Mount Elbrus

Height: 5.642m

Location: Russia

9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

Derived from Avestan Hara Berezaitil, a legendary mountain in Iranian mythology, Mount Elbrus means "high watchtower". This is this volcano that is no longer active.

While lying on top of the clouds, many experienced hikking people take up the challenge to reach this beautiful mountain top. Hike to Europe's most beautiful mountain top is extremely harsh, often deprived of oxygen, cold, and exhausted.

But the results are worth it. Depending on the weather, you can see the entire Caucasus or simply a sea of ​​clouds.

7. Cerro Mercedario

Height: 6,720m

Location: Argentina

9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

With the name meaning "ordered by the Blessed Virgin Mary", Cerro Mercedario is located in a remote area in northwestern Argentina, about 97km south of Aconcagua (the highest mountain in South America).

Though not so popular, the beautiful peak with no crowds, no permits required and no satellite TV at this base camp is suitable for those who don't want attention.

8. Huascaran

Height: 6.768m

Location: Peru

9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

It is named after Huascar, a 16th century Inca emperor. Huascaran is the highest mountain in the Cordillera Blanco region of Peru. This snow-capped mountain challenges the bravest climbers. Altitude, strong winds, ice falls and avalanches are extremely challenging.

Many people who reach this beautiful mountain top simply enjoy the view of Huascaran on a four-day trek in Santa Cruz. This trip travels through the Cordillera Blanca region with a chance to experience glacial lakes, beautiful peaks and great heights. It's also where you can spot the special mountain of Paramount Pictures, Artesonraju.

9. Annapurna I

Height: 8.091m

Location: Nepal

9 most beautiful mountains besides Mount Everest

Annapurna is not only the Hindu goddess of food and nutrition, but also a towering mountain mass in Nepal.

While climbing to the top of Annapurna, you will be covered with glacial lakes, snow-capped mountains and wildlife. This beautiful mountain top is also famous for being home to some of the best food along the way. The road follows an ancient (and still active) trade route, winding through local villages. Depending on the route, the trip takes about 13 to 17 days to reach the summit.

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