9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

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If you want to stay looking young, you must stay away from the following 10 foods.

Your diet has a great impact on your skin condition. No matter how expensive your skincare products cost, no matter how much time you spend on washing and nuturing your skin every day, without a proper diet, your skin would still look unhealthy. There are some kinds of food that can negatively affect your skin condition, so stay away from them.

What foods are bad for your skin?

1. French fries

Potatoes when fried at high temperatures produce free radicals - which damage skin cells, destroy collagen, reduce skin elasticity. In addition, some fries are often seasoned with a lot of salt, dehydrating the skin, making wrinkles appear sooner.

9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

2. Sweets

In the short run, the frequent intake of sugar-rich foods will cause your skin to face unwanted problems such as acne, dull, rough skin. But in the long run, white sugar will destroy collagen, make your skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, thereby accelerating the aging rate.

9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

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3. Butter and margarine

If you are having the habit of eating fried butter or having breakfast with butter-spread bread, you should give it up immediately. According to a study published on June 27, 2013 by Taylor & Francis Group in the UK: People who eat butter and margarine have their skin damaged and wrinkles earlier than those who don't. The reason is that margarine and butter make the skin more sensitive to UV rays, which damage collagen and elastine - the necessary factors to maintain a smooth, firm skin. Instead of butter/margarine, olive oil will be a safer and more effective option for you.

9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

4. Processed meat

Ham, bacon, sausage... are typical examples of processed meat; And they are extremely harmful to the skin. These processed meats contain a large amount of sodium, bad fats, food preservatives - things that cause dehydration and weaken collagen in the skin. Therefore, if you want a beautiful skin, please prioritize food with fresh ingredients - they are also good for your overall health.

9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

5. Soda and coffee

Coffee and soda keep you alert thanks to the high caffeine content; but these two drinks also affect your sleep quality. Lack of sleep causes early wrinkles and baggy eyes. Not to mention, if you drink iced white coffee, the amount of sugar you intake is really high.

9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

6. Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages cause toxins to build up in your liver, and according to Ariel Ostad, dermatologist in New York: "If toxins accumulate in the liver and are not effectively excreted, your skin will encounter problems such as acne, dullness and early wrinkles". So, to stay looking young, you should say no to alcoholic drinks.

9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

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7. Overcooked meat

Never feel sorry to throw away burnt steaks. These things contain hydrocarbons, irritating and destroying collagen in your skin. You don't have to stop eating barbecue food, but make sure you don't eat burnt meat and remember toscrub the grill after each use! 

9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

8. Lots of salt

Eating too much salt will cause severe edema and over time, your skin will not only getting worse, it will also face the risk of premature aging.

9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

9. Energy drinks

Energy drinks contain a huge amount of sugar and this alone can increase the aging rate of the skin. Besides, like coffee and soda, energy drinks also can make you sleepless.

9 Foods to avoid to stay looking young

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