9 Best Luxury car brands in the world

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Luxury car brands are always the top choice of wealthy homes around the world. It is not only a choice to express luxury, but also to give its users a great experience and the highest peak.

The most luxurious and expensive high-altitude cars usually come from brands with long-lasting and most reputable brands. Browse a list of brand names and the most prominent car products of that brand, in 9 brands have been selected to see what will be revealed below.

1. Rolls-Royce

Long ago, the famous name of the luxury car market, the British manufacturer Rolls Royce was famous for the town-style cars and is now under the control of the BMW. Both exterior and interior are extremely luxurious. The interior, in particular, is quite spacious and allows plenty of legroom. The "Ghost Series II Extended Wheelbase" model has a speed of 0-60 mph in 4.9 sec, thanks to the 563-encoded V12 engine.  

9 Best Luxury car brands in the world
Source: Business Insider

  Peak: Rolls-Royce Phantom Luxury car "turn on Planet" is always the dream of many people. Royce has an ultra-luxurious exterior design with a "no more luxurious" interior compartment with a wide array of personalized options for the sophisticated to the complex that the car buyers want and available. Recently, Rolls-Royce has provided additional options for preventing glass between cabins in order to increase the privacy of the boss sitting in the rear benches.

2. Lamborghini

9 Best Luxury car brands in the world
Source: Omaze

Automobili Lamborghini SpA is a luxury Italian car brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUV based in Sant'Agata Bolognese and the Lamborghini Trattori tractor in Pieve di Cento, Italy. The company owned by Volkswagen Group through her The Audi subsidiary.

Peak: At the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, Lamborghini plans to present a hybrid V12 supercar called Sian. Brands based in Bologna, Italy will create 63 of them, all of which have been talked about.

Although not confirmed, the initial reports have rated the car for about 3 million dollars – an astronomical figure despite being increasingly popular.

Rev. The Reventon pushed the big discussion about the size of the segment, the chief engineer of the Maurborio Reggiani, Lamborgini, said. He noted that Lamborghini had begun to segment with his Reventon in 2007. The V12 engine, the renowned four-wheeled engine Reventon reached a speed of 220 miles per hour during a test in Dubai, an astonishing figure for a vehicle produced at that time. Only 20 aircraft were produced, plus one marked for the Lamborghini-Museum.

3. Bugatti

9 Best Luxury car brands in the world
Source: Gear Patrol

The automobile Ettore Bugatti is a French high-performance automobile manufacturer, founded in 1909 in the German city of Molsheim, Alsace by Italian-American industrial designer Ettore Bugatti. The cars are known for their design beauty and for many of their race victories.

Top-notch: CHIRON is a super sports car produced exclusive, fastest and most powerful in BUGATTI's history. The sophisticated design, advanced technology and symbolic form, performance orientation make it a unique art, form and technique masterpiece that pushes beyond imagination.

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4. BMW

9 Best Luxury car brands in the world
Source: CAR Magazine

This German car, motorcycle and production brand are currently heading to the luxury car market in the United States. The combination of elegance, elegance and its excellent performance can only be compared to another German brand, Mercedes-Benz. 

The pinnacle: BMW has a limited-edition Alpina B7 which has an adaptation Xenon that has an Auto-Start-Stop where it is attached to the 4.4 liters 540 V-8 engine power that speeds up the car to a maximum speed of 194 miles per hour. It is also available in a hybrid version. An Alpina B7 will cost about 117,000 USD.

5. McLaren

9 Best Luxury car brands in the world
Source: Forbes

Auto McLaren is a British automobile manufacturer based at the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, Surrey. The main products of the company are sports cars, which are typically produced internally in designated production facilities. In July 7, 2017, the car McLaren became a subsidiary owned by 100% of the larger McLaren group.

Climax: The Monterey automobile Week is taking place in California, USA not only does the attendees "Burn Eyes" because of the myriad of supercars coming from every world domain but also where many New world records are set. Most recently, the auction house on RM Sotheby's last 6th has witnessed the most expensive McLaren F1 LM-Specification.

6. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a German global automotive brand and part of Daimler AG. This brand is known for its luxury vehicles, buses, coach and truck. Its headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurm. The name first appeared in 1926 under Daimler-Benz. In 2018, Mercedes-Benz was the world's best selling premium car brand, which sold 2.31 million passenger cars.

9 Best Luxury car brands in the world
Source: Mercedes-Benz

High-altitude: the S-Class of the Mercedes-Benz is notable for being the world's most upstream and genuine super product. The series has earned many prestigious awards such as the 2015 Design Award (Design of the Year 2015) of the prestigious United States Automobile Mag; The world Luxury Car of the Year announced in New York Auto Show March 04/2015. In it, the Mercedes-Benz S 500 4Matic Coupe is one of the leading model Coupe of the S-Class.

7. Maserati

9 Best Luxury car brands in the world
Source: Moto1

Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer founded on Dec 1, 1914, in Bologna. Maserati's slogan is "Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars", and announces the brand's mission as "making ultra-luxury performance cars with timeless Italian style, suitable for bespoke furniture and sound power characteristic, easy ". The company's headquarters are now in Modena and its symbol is the Trident. It is owned by the Italian Fiat SpA car giant from 1993.

Top-notch: GTS stands for GranTurismo Sport, the iconic vehicle for the peak performance of Maserati's reputation. This is precisely the apparent characteristic that people can recognize on the GTS Quattroporte, thanks to the robust design grille section and the lateral wind of the vehicle body. Quattroporte GTS MY18 has a full LED headlight kit with self-adjusting capability, which enhances visibility and creates soft lighting while doubling the lifespan compared to the previous Bi-Xenon lamp.

8. Audi

9 Best Luxury car brands in the world
Source: Moto1

The modern era of Audi has essentially begun in the years 1960 when Auto Union was acquired by Volkswagen from Daimler-Benz. After restarting the Audi brand with the 1969 launch of the Audi F103 series, Volkswagen merged Auto Union with NSU Motorenwerke in 1969, thereby creating the company's current form.

Audi has leveraged the system of race cars and enhancements so that every street car of the airline can use Quattro technology. This has helped Audi become a classy brand of four-wheeled derivatives for decades.

Top-notch: Audi Quattro is the ultimate car line of the Audi since its launch so far. Quattro 4-wheel guided system was developed for rally races in the late 80 which caused other producers to run.

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9. Lexus

9 Best Luxury car brands in the world
Source: Mashable

Lexus is a luxury Japanese car brand that represents all that is considered the essence and the highest peak of the Science and Technology Foundation from a world-leading development country. The Lexus brand is sold in over 70 countries and territories worldwide and has become Japan's best-selling luxury car product. It has been ranked among the top 10 largest Japanese global brands in terms of the market value School.

Height: LS 400 In 1990 is one of the first luxury cars, gaining the customer's high rating by creating new standards for comfort, system performance, and smooth smoothness, smoothness or quality building, paying attention to detail and safety.

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