9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old

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Age does not matter and continues to enjoy life even after age 100 is the story only for these famous actors. And science is looking for secrets to living like them.

Break discovered the secrets of longevity from the oldest actors and actresses who are still alive and optimistic.

1. Diana Serra Cary, 100 years old

9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old
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This actress became popular during the era of silent movies. She was known under the alias Baby Peggy. In 1925, the girl’s career stopped because of the conflict between her father and her producer. By that time, her parents had already spent all of her money and hadn’t saved anything for her education. In 1938, the actress stopped her career and started writing books and had a family.

“I follow a balanced diet and keep myself healthy. I have a house with a beautiful library. But most importantly, I have a loving family: a son and a granddaughter who I give my warmth. I think it has been a huge part of my longevity,” the actress says.

2. Ruth Anderson, 100 years old

9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old
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Ruth Dusty Anderson started her career as a pin-up model and later she started starring in movies. She did 7 movies and finished her career in 1951 when she decided to spend all of her time with her family and her husband, a famous director and scriptwriter, Jean Negulesco. The family moved to the south of Spain where Dusty lived all her life up to her husband’s death in 1993. In her recent years, the actress prefers to stay away from the public eye and not share the details of her personal life.

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3. Suzy Delair, 101 years old

9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old
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This famous French actress and singer appeared in more than 30 movies and finished her career in 1976. Now, Susy lives in a nursing home in Paris, she looks great, and she still receives letters from her numerous fans.

The secret of her health and longevity is being extremely busy. She says, “I don’t have a single minute for me! I answer the letters, I prepare memory books, I work for the Universal where the CDs with my songs are published. Every summer, I go to Brittany on vacation. And before the vacation, I need to prepare everything.”

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4. Earlston J. Cameron, 101 years old

9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old
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When he starred in Pool of London in 1951, Earl became the first black actor to appear in a leading role in an English movie. He did more than 70 movies. Despite his old age, he still continues to take part in movies. “I love my life and I am still not retired,” says Cameron. The actor practices the Bahá’íFaith which means he can’t drink alcohol at all.

5. Julie Gibson, 105 years old

9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old
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On September 6, this American actress turned 105 years old and is the oldest actress in the world. Gibson spent her entire life working in movie production and in radio and she never had any children. Julie did 27 movies and retired in 1984. Today, there isn't a lot of information about the actress and she is very private.

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6. Marsha A. Hunt, 101 years old

9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old
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This American actress started her movie career right when she got the leading role at the age of 18. In her long life, Marsha has done more than 100 movies. Along with the cinema, Hunt was interested in social issues. Because of her political activities, Hollywood blacklisted her. This made Marsha’s career harder which led to a gradual decrease of work at the end of the ’40s.

The actress shares her secret of longevity by saying, “I’m a born optimist. I guess the bright side always appealed to me to look at rather than the dark. I’ve been blessed. I never figured out why. But I sure have and I want the fates to know I’m grateful!”

7. Fay McKenzie, 101 years old

9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old
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The daughter of 2 actors started her career in a silent movie when was just a baby. Later, she starred in westerns. After some time, Fay took a break from her career to raise her children. The actress later took on a lot of supporting roles and starred in different TV series. McKenzie admits that she has always been grateful to fate for everything that happened to her and she smiles a lot. Maybe this is why she loves her life so much.

8. Kirk Douglas, 102 years old

9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old
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The actor (who was nominated for an Oscar 3 times) was born in 1916 to a family of Russian immigrants. Issur Danielovitch Demsky changed his name to Kirk Douglas when he was a student. He served in the navy and when he returned, he started working on his acting career. He did 222 movies and his last one was released in 2008. He has been doing charity work all his life.

The actor says that the main secret to his longevity is his happy family life. He explained, “We are soulmates. I think our great marriage and our long conversations in the dark allowed me to live this long.”

9. Norman Lloyd, 104 years old

9 actors have special birthdays over 100 years old
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Norman Lloyd’s career has been going on for almost 80 years and this fact makes Norman both the oldest actor and the oldest working man in the world. He did more than 60 movies and shows. The actor lived with Broadway actress, Peggy Craven for 75 years, making their marriage the longest in Hollywood history.

When asked about his longevity, he jokes, “Just lucky!” Today, he continues to eat his fried chicken and drink sangria.

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