8 Unexpected reasons that cause you to lose weight

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Why am I dieting and still gaining weight? The answer may come from your daily routines.

In addition to medical reasons such as hormonal, metabolic or genetic diseases ..., basically, unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity are often the main causes of increased scales.

Why are you dieting and losing weight uncontrollably?

Snacks or snacks between meals

Aside from a medical reason, one of the main causes of uncontrolled weight gain is junk food. However, you need to distinguish between snacks and snacks. Snacking means any consumption of food other than meals and is not associated with hunger.

While snack is a meal designed for the day to meet specific needs and if you do not have any special health concerns, you can theoretically do not need a snack. So how to snack to not make you gain weight?

8 Unexpected reasons that cause you to lose weight

The energy of a snack should not be added to the energy meal of lunch. In other words, if you plan to have a 100-calorie snack, lunch should be 100 calories lower than normal. For example, a person is accustomed to eating a 900-calorie breakfast, if he wants to set up a snack, have lunch with 800 calories and a 4-hour snack with 100 calories for example.

Skip breakfast

A lot of people eat two meals a day and skip breakfast.

They eat very little at lunch and eat a lot at dinner. Eating too much in the evening tends to transform what we eat into fat and store it because our bodies are inactive at night. Normally, we should distribute our calories this way: breakfast from 500 to 700 calories, lunch at 1,000 calories and dinner at 400/500 calories.

8 Unexpected reasons that cause you to lose weight

The ideal is "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor man". Several studies have shown that people who eat a healthy, balanced breakfast will be thinner and healthier than those who skip this valuable meal.

Skip dinner

If we skip one meal, the body will tend to store the next meal more and will cause you to gain weight. Therefore, ensuring 3 meals a day still plays an important role.

8 Unexpected reasons that cause you to lose weight

Choose only low-fat or diet foods

Low-fat or diet products, such as soda light or zero soda, often give you peace of mind. But in fact, they trigger the region involved in sugar cravings and hunger.

The result: the more sweetness we consume (because these products do not contain sugar but contain sweeteners), the more hungry we are, the more we want to eat and increase the appetite for sweet products. Several studies have shown that people who consume sugar-free products can gain on average 40% more weight than those who do not eat it.

It is better to consume regular products in a reasonable amount than to consume twice the amount of sugar-free products (soda, yogurt ...).

8 Unexpected reasons that cause you to lose weight

Too sedentary

Energy consumption varies from person to person. We can't change our basic metabolism or the brain, but we can control physical energy expenditure by being more active and physically active. Insufficient energy consumption and lower energy consumption will lead to weight gain.

For office work when we are sitting a lot and being sedentary, it is important to try to maintain physical activity throughout the week. The World Health Organization recommends practicing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity endurance activity (walking, recreation, cycling ...) or at least 75 minutes of endurance activity (jogging, exercise, tennis, swimming ...) per week for people 18 to 64 years old.

8 Unexpected reasons that cause you to lose weight

Having metabolic or genetic disorders

Sometimes diseases that affect our weight like some metabolic diseases such as thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) ...

8 Unexpected reasons that cause you to lose weight

Take some medications

Certain medications, such as antidepressants, anxiety medications, neuroleptics, and corticosteroids, can increase feelings of hunger or lead to weight gain. If you are doing any of these treatments, talk to your doctor so they can adjust the dose or consider another treatment.

8 Unexpected reasons that cause you to lose weight

Drink too much water

This is quite rare, but the fact that drinking too much water (3 to 5 L of water per day) can cause a slight weight gain, on average from 3 to 4 kg. This is more common in women, because they often think that to lose weight, they should drink plenty of water.

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