8 tips to dye your hair at home as professional as in salons

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Without spending a lot of money at salons, you can still create your own stylish hair. Please refer to the following tips for dyeing your hair.

Standing in front of a series of hair color brands and dyes at a beauty shop, it's easy to make irreparable mistakes when thinking you're going to dye your own hair at home. Therefore, you are ready to withdraw money to change hair color at professional hair salons for beautiful hair styles you want. However, dyeing your hair is simple so you can comfortably do it right in your bathroom. And here are 7 divine tips from the top 2 experts from New York - Alyssa Gammo and Nicole Tresch.

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8 tips to dye your hair at home

Tip 1: Do not do "over"

Hair dye expert from Rita Hazan Salon - Nicole Tresch - shared “Look at the color palette and determine which model is closest to your natural hair color, from which you can choose a lighter or darker color. 2 tones ”. And if you're still wondering between light or dark colors, choose a lighter tone. Alyssa Gammo from IGK Salon said that "if you don't like it, it will be easier for you to change".

8 tips to dye your hair at home as professional as in salons

Tip 2: Consider the color to flatter your skin

Equally important with color selection, you need to choose the right tone that best suits your skin tone. It sounds complicated, but Gammo showed us a basic rule: “If your skin has a cool tone, choose a neutral color, and of course that doesn't include red or yellow. If you have warm skin, choose bold colors like yellow, chestnut, or honey. ”

Sometimes, changing hair styles is essential. Should it be lighter or darker?

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Tip 3: Choose the right tool

Before you begin, make a list of kits to turn your bathroom into a professional salon. Gammo suggests some indispensable items such as towels, an old shirt, a jar of Vasaline (used to rub hair roots to avoid dyed skin), gloves, timer clock, brush, clip, dye mixing cup.

8 tips to dye your hair at home as professional as in salons

Tip 4: Dye highlight from the lower half of the hair

Instead of trying to dye the entire hair. Tresch suggests let's try the ombre and balayage techniques. You should dye light from foot to tip. Our experts also note that the highlighting process with silver foil is really difficult to master.

Tip 5: Pay attention to the condition of the hair

"If hair is dry or damaged, the hair will absorb color faster," Tresch warned. So apply the dye to the ends of the hair for the last few minutes because they are easy to be absorbed.

Tip 6: Check the color before and after dyeing

If you are still worried whether the color you have chosen matches the pattern on the color chart, try by dyeing a small piece of hair behind the neck and dyeing to check the color of the drug. Then check it with the sky, the yellow light in your bathroom could be the cause of the color disaster.

Tip 7: Split hair and dye

For the dye to evenly cover the hair, splitting the hair into sections when dyeing your own hair is a must. Gammo advises that "Dye small parts of hair, from front to back." And if you dye your hair roots, it's best to apply the dye only on the hair you need to dye. "Dyeing two layers of hair on one part of your hair will make these areas stand out."

8 tips to dye your hair at home as professional as in salons

Tip 8: Take care of your hair after dyeing

To get the best results, "the hair must be shiny in order for the hair color to shine," Gammo said. Healthy hair reflects the best light, so take care of your hair with a moisturizing moisturizer. Gammo also recommends using shampoos and conditioners for dyed hair to make hair colors more durable and not fade into other colors. Purple-based shampoos are best for hair that is prone to dye-staining hair.

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