8 surprising benefits of blood donation on your body

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Donating blood is not only a beautiful gesture to contribute to the protection of human life but also gives the blood donor many health benefits.

Here's what you "bring back" yourself from giving away your blood to the society.

8 unexpected health benefits of donating blood

1. Promote heart health

8 surprising benefits of blood donation on your body

Blood donation helps maintain iron levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, while helping to maintain a stable heartbeat. By checking your iron level, blood donation also reduces your risk of developing heart diseases.

2. Prevent hemochromatosis

One of the main health benefits of blood donation is the reduced risk of hemochromatosis.

As the name implies, it is a health condition arising from the body absorbing too much iron. This condition is inherited or may be caused by alcoholism, anemia and other disorders. Regular blood donation reduces iron overload in the body.

3. Reduce the risk of liver damage

When iron levels in your body become excessive, it increases the risk of liver failure and pancreatic damage. Therefore, blood donation helps eliminate excess iron. This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of damage to the liver and pancreas.

4. Control blood pressure

One of the other important benefits of blood donation is its impact on controlling high blood pressure.

8 surprising benefits of blood donation on your body

When you donate blood, the blood volume is balanced, thus preventing an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, a healthy heart is good for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

5. Stimulate blood cell production

One of the other important health benefits of blood donation is that it helps stimulate new blood cell production, compensating for blood loss, thereby helping maintain your overall health and health, according to Bold. Sky.

6. Burn calories

According to the University of California (USA), a person can burn about 650 calories per donation 1 pint (about 473 cm3) of blood.
Blood donors can lose weight if this is done regularly because it helps burn excess calories in your body.

This is useful for those who are obese and at risk of cardiovascular diseases and other health disorders. However, regular blood donation is not recommended as a way to lose weight.

8 surprising benefits of blood donation on your body

7. May reduce cancer risk

Lower iron content in the body reduces the risk of developing cancer symptoms. The risk of cancer, especially colon, lung, liver, throat and lung cancer is lower if you donate blood. Reducing iron levels in the body is associated with a lower risk of cancer.

8. Other benefits

In addition to the aforementioned main benefits, donating blood can help reduce stress, improve your mental health, benefit your physical health, help get rid of negative feelings, bring a sense of belonging, and reduce loneliness.

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