8 spectacular weight loss celebrities with their secrets

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J.Lo, Misty Copeland and Jennifer Lawrence are two models whose bodies differ from normal beauty standards. They are women who know how to turn their features into their power, demonstrating that you don't have to follow every standard to love yourself and succeed.

Break thinks that natural beauty is amazing. Let’s have a look at some famous people who had to defend their right to be themselves and they actually succeeded.

Jennifer Lopez

8 spectacular weight loss celebrities with their secrets
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Jennifer Lopez is one of the most successful singers. She’s also a famous dancer and an actress. She has sold over 75 million records worldwide. Recently, the Council of Fashion Designers of America named J.Lo the most stylish woman of the year in 2019. Jennifer’s body’s curves have really helped her and even became a popular fashion brand.

But it didn’t always go that smoothly. In an interview for InStyle, Lopez says that at the beginning of her career, there were a lot of people who used to hint that she had to lose a few pounds. But she didn’t care about the opinions of others. And as time shows, she was absolutely right.

Amber Tamblyn

8 spectacular weight loss celebrities with their secrets
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Amber Tamblyn is an American poet and actress. She’s taken part in many films, including The RingDjango Unchained, and TV series like House, M.D. and Two and a Half Men. She’s a self-sustained and confident woman. But everything used to be different.

In 2008, Amber Tamblyn was pressed by her agent from Warner Bros. She was playing the main character in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and was called a rising young star. Her agent called her, congratulated her on the success, and said that Amber had to lose weight. This situation had a really bad impact on Amber’s self-esteem.

Today, Tamblyn supports the #TimesUp movement and fights for women’s rights in different spheres.

Misty Copeland

8 spectacular weight loss celebrities with their secrets
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Misty Copeland is a ballet dancer who became the first African-American prima ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre. She is the embodiment of grace and elegance. But even ballerinas suffer at the hands of critics, who claim that their body is a tool that must correspond to the traditional aesthetics of ballet. At the beginning of her career, Misty was pressured to lose weight.

Due to the pressure from the professionals, she started experiencing problems with her health. But she has managed to overcome these challenges and proven that nothing can stop true talent. In 2015, Misty Copeland found herself on the list of the 100 most influential people, according to Time.

Ashley Benson

8 spectacular weight loss celebrities with their secrets
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Ashley Benson is an American actress, well-known for her roles in Days of our Lives and Pretty Little Liars. Though she is rather small, she usually faces a problem where she is considered too fat for certain roles. Ashley doesn’t care about her weight and thinks that a person doesn’t have to lose a single pound, if they don’t feel they need to.

Ashley Graham

8 spectacular weight loss celebrities with their secrets
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This American plus-size model inspires women all over the world to believe in themselves. Ashley Graham has worked with famous brands like Ford Models, Glamour, Levi’s, Lane Bryant, Marina Rinaldi, and Addition Elle. It’s hard to imagine this strong woman used to have problems with her own self-esteem.

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In her childhood, other children used to laugh at Ashley and her parents always told her she was too plump. But these unpleasant situations and her agents’ unambiguous hints made Ashley Graham pick herself up and prove that the world of modeling is not just open to skinny girls only.

Kelly Clarkson

8 spectacular weight loss celebrities with their secrets
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Kelly Clarkson has always been prone to plumpness. After giving birth to her daughter and gaining a few more pounds, she faced even more cruel criticism on social media. British journalist Katie Hopkins published the most negative comments. But Clarkson didn’t let these mean opinions influence her life and answered her haters that she lives in the free world and just doesn’t care what others think about her weight.

In 2018, Kelly managed to lose 45 lbs. She was diagnosed with a thyroid disease. Clarkson has started paying more attention to healthy food, but she still says that she doesn’t like exercise, and no one will ever see her in the gym.

Jennifer Lawrence

8 spectacular weight loss celebrities with their secrets
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Jennifer Lawrence simply hates the word “fat.” Despite the many great movies she’s taken part in, she doesn’t like strict diets and ideal body curves. In her interview for British Harper’s Bazaar, Jennifer notes that everyone’s so used to underweight, that when a woman has a normal weight it’s like, “Oh, she’s curvy.”

She also thinks that calling somebody fat on TV should be illegal.

Tyra Banks

8 spectacular weight loss celebrities with their secrets
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Tyra Banks is a famous model, an actress, a singer, and a TV host. Though she demonstrates great confidence now, she’s had to cope with cruel bullying by the mass media and in the world of modeling.

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It’s still painful for her to recall a situation when a magazine posted a photo of Banks in a swimsuit on a beach with a headline “Tyra Porkchop.” What’s more, once, during a show in Milan, 2 seamstresses called her fat. Even fashion designers refused to work with Tyra because of her hips.

Today, Banks tries to inspire people of all ages and all shapes. For this purpose, she had a photoshoot in a swimsuit for Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. According to Tyra, these pics are devoted to those who’ve ever heard they’re not good enough because of their weight, age, haircut, and so on.

In one of her interviews, actress Carrie Fisher claims that the film industry only cares about weight and appearance and that nothing had changed in the last 38 years of her career. The actress criticized Hollywood’s obsession with appearance and noticed that saying “lose weight” is as easy as “get younger.” Despite all the fashion industry rules, all these celebs have achieved huge success and become amazing stars.

Would you fight for your right to be yourself or just follow the common rules? Would you follow or create fashion trends?

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