8 simple tips to make your hair dry quickly

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Only with some very simple tips, you can have both beautiful dry hair without spending too much time or damaging your hair.

Surely no one wants to spend a lot of time drying their hair with a cotton towel after washing their hair, as we are busy doing many other things. However, you should not let your hair stay wet. To help you reduce the monotony of daily hair care, let's explore the 8 smart tips to speed up your hair drying process.

8 quick ways to dry your hair 

1. Conditioner combined with a good comb

8 simple tips to make your hair dry quickly

You probably didn't know: Conditioners not only help soften your hair, but also help them dry faster. The silicone layer gently acts on each hair and makes them straight, and the water also reduces. The "best friend" of conditioner is a wide-tooth comb, in fact if you combine these two things, you will have an unexpected result. After applying conditioner from the hair shaft to the ends, use a comb to gently brush, while helping the hair to soften while minimizing the amount of water that is still standing.

2. Use your towel properly

In fact, cotton towels do not work very well on hair, especially the drying process. It rubs hard and interferes with the hair cuticle, so stop pressing and squeezing the water out of the towel. Instead of damaging your hair from the aforementioned false knowledge, use a soft microfiber towel with a super soothing texture, which can remove 90% of the water from the hair. To do this, wrap the towel around your hair like a turban, or simply wrap it around your head, gently squeeze it with your hands and let it dry naturally - this may depend on how thick your hair is. or thin, hard or soft fibers will immediately see a fast or slow drying rate.

8 simple tips to make your hair dry quickly

3. Dry your hair with a T-shirt

For curly hair, whether natural or a haircut, take the time to dry it with a t-shirt. This may sound weird, but is extremely helpful in keeping the stranded curls beautiful as if they were just curled. Indeed, using this technique not only allows your curls to dry more quickly, but also helps them retain their natural shape. How to do it is very simple: First, apply conditioner without rinsing or styling cream. Then, place the T-shirt on a flat surface, head down, then slowly roll the bottom of the shirt to the top of the front (around the forehead). Next, use the rest of the shirt to fold, embracing your curly hair. Fix with the knots from the sleeve. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes (treat this as a morning routine). Finally, just take off your T-shirt and shake your head a little, making sure your hair will dry on its own after a while without using a dryer.

4. Do other things first

If you question any hair stylist about drying fast, make sure they answer: Let your hair dry first and then think about using a comb and dryer! In addition, depending on the individual hair texture, you can also gently squeeze dry your hair  after showering and allow your hair to dry on its own, then go through the skin care and makeup steps. The drying step should be the last step. In the case of curly hair, just wrap it in a towel to absorb water, do other things and blow-dry the hair before going to work.

8 simple tips to make your hair dry quickly

5. Dry the hair roots

You are a meticulous type of woman who loves creating hair curls with the hourly dryer. It's simple, right, first of all you just need full "props" that can support this. Next, you'll want more time-saving tips from Alli Webb, founder of Drybar: "Never dry your hair with wet hair" - she shared. “If you start with damp hair, the drying will only take longer. That is the mistake of many women! ". Instead, remove excess water from your hair as soon as you shower, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel to absorb the moisture, then squeeze gently and finally spray with a conditioner that protects the hair from heat. Now use a dryer with a radiator mounted in the front, adjust the temperature just right and pay close attention to the roots of your hair and scalp. Meanwhile, one hand handles the dryer and the other hand the hair constantly around the head so that the dryer can easily reach the roots.

6. Select a good haircare products

In fact, if you choose the right products and the right hair, hair dry faster is absolutely possible. The thermally conductive polymer compounds in the products help reduce moisture in the hair, leading to faster drying times while protecting the hair from high heat. Using cream primer and lotion to support the drying of hair, and using mousse will accelerate the drying process, creating a desired hair texture, especially in a dry atmosphere.

8 simple tips to make your hair dry quickly

7. Choose the right comb type

If you are familiar with self-drying, you will know how to use a comb to dry your hair as quickly as possible. A round porcelain comb allows for easy air circulation, effectively curling dry hair, just make sure the dryer head is down. In case you have thick hair, divide your hair into 4 equal parts and work through each section.

8. Reduce the temperature of the dryer

When you try to dry your hair as quickly as possible (to not be late for work), you may be tempted in setting the dryer to maximum temperature setting. This actually only wreaks havoc on your hair, causing the hair structure to become dry and brittle. So always mount a heatsink up front. Pay attention to choosing an ion hair dryer, negative ions will reduce static electricity and break down molecules, hair will dry faster without the need for too high heat.

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