8 most confusing land borders in the world

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Do you think the world is a perfect jigsaw made of borders? The list of the 8 weirdest borders in the world in this article will make you think again.

Boundaries are sometimes difficult and confusing questions. Due to historical problems, many strange borders have been formed. If you just look at the photos, you will see nothing remarkable, but the reality is different. Here are some of the strangest borders in the world, promising to intrigue anyone.

1. Diomede Islands, Bering Strait, North Pacific

Located in the remote area of ​​the Bering Strait between the easternmost tip of Siberia and the westernmost tip of Alaska (USA), the Diomede Islands are made up of two interesting islands: the Russian Big Diomede and the American Little Diomede.

8 most confusing land borders in the world

With the narrow water strip, the two islands are separated by the International Date Line, the imaginary line used to make the boundary between the time zone UTC + 14 and UTC-12 (near the meridian 180 degrees east from Arctic, across the Bering Strait).

2. Point Roberts: A strange border between Canada and the United States

A dumb mistake made by 19th-century British and American politicians trying to draw the US-Canada border caused the Tsawwassen peninsula in Canada to give to Americans even though they were not even an inch apart.

8 most confusing land borders in the world

Today, this strange border is called Point Roberts. Anyone among the Point Roberts 1,000 residents who wants to go anywhere else in their country must go through Canada.

3. Baarle: A confusing border between the Netherlands and Belgium

Walking through the sad town of Baarle is nothing special. But if you look at the map you'll see a scattered patch of seemingly random plots in town.

8 most confusing land borders in the world

The turmoil originated from the noble families in the Middle Ages. So, in the 21st century, we still see a strange border: running through cafes, schools and even bedrooms. That means, a  couple can be lying side by side and they are in two different countries! It is not clear whether any border police officer will monitor the couple's affairs.

White lines dotted throughout the town with NL (Netherlands) on one side and B (Belgium) will help you know which country you are standing in.

4. Kaliningrad: The "unfortunate child" separated from Russia

Do you think Russia is only made up of a giant frozen land in eastern Europe and northern China? A closer look at the European map shows a small "parcel of land" about the size of Wales between Poland and Lithuania.

8 most confusing land borders in the world

It was Kaliningrad Oblast, an unfortunate victim of the Soviet breakup and being separated from its mother country by Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia and Latvia (visas are required to arrive in Russia by road).

5. Märket Island: A strange border between Sweden and Finland

Located in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, Märket Island is the smallest sea island in the world shared by both countries. The true funny story began in 1885, when the Russian Empire (ruling Finland at that time) built a lighthouse on the Swedish side by mistake.

8 most confusing land borders in the world

The dispute was only resolved nearly 100 years later, in 1981, when a joint survey between Sweden and Finland decided to create a clever, zigzag S-shaped border, bringing the lighthouse back. Finland but allowed the Swedes to retain their land as before.

6. Ceuta: A strange border between Spain and Morocco

After centuries of passage between different kingdoms and dynasties, the port city of Ceuta of North Africa has been Spanish possession since 1668.

8 most confusing land borders in the world

It is controversial because this is one of the two land borders between Europe and Africa (the other is another part of Spain, Melilla, 241km), with a large barbed border fence running along the border. boundary between Ceuta and Morocco.

Desperate migrants who try to reach the European coast face the challenge of crossing these barriers before admiring anything else.

7. Derby Line: Another strange border between the US and Canada

Is this America's friendliest border? Both the small towns of Derby Line and Stanstead in northern Vermont have a hilariously named Canusa Boulevard, where American and Canadian homes are directly facing each other and international borders creep through the neighborhoods. garden and cafe.

8 most confusing land borders in the world

Residents from both sides of the road often cross and hang out in enemy bars and clubs. Although border security has been tightened since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the friendship between the two communities continues.

8. Gambia (West Africa)

As the smallest country in Africa, Gambia is hard to see on the map. With its short, narrow coastline along the Gambia River, it is like a finger poking into Senegal's body.

8 most confusing land borders in the world

Rumor has it that the bizarre border was a result of how far the British colonial ships were on the river.

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