8 Fruit to help you lose weight effectively and tone your body

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By actively eating a lot of the 8 types of fruits below, your weight will decrease significantly, the fat automatically disappears.

Fruit is a very safe food for people who are dieting, losing weight or have a desire to control body weight because most of the nutritional components in fruits contain vitamins, fiber, low calories but rich in minerals. and high water ratio.

You want to lose weight fast but do not know which way to choose? Fruit is a great suggestion for you. But how to know which fruits are effective for weight loss, not all fruits can help you lose weight.

8 Fruit to help you lose weight effectively and tone your body

How to eat fruit to lose weight?

Combined with breakfast

After the night's sleep, the intestinal tract is empty, so a high-fiber diet is good for health. At this time, eating fruits will help regulate blood sugar and lipid levels in the body, help laxative, while improving the body's immunity.

However, at this time you should only eat fruits like apples, pears, grapes ..., avoid the acidic ones such as sour fruits. In addition, you also need to ensure a healthy breakfast with enough nutrients necessary, should not eat whole fruits, limiting the effects on the body, especially the stomach.

Eat fruit before meals

According to research, eating fruit about an hour before a meal can help you lose weight and help digestion easier. Not only that, the fiber in fruit also creates a feeling of fullness, making you eat less food at meals.

In addition, eating fruit before meals also helps reduce the amount of fat produced when eating meat, absorb food thoroughly, do not save the stomach. Besides helping to lose weight and keep in shape, fruits also help cleanse the body and eliminate toxins. This is also an effective obesity prevention factor.

8 Fruit to help you lose weight effectively and tone your body

Eat fruit instead of snacks

At snacks such as 10 or 16 o'clock, if you are hungry, you should eat fruits because they have the ability to provide natural sugars, help fight hunger. Fruit does not contain a lot of energy, but mainly water, vitamins and fiber, so does not cause fat but also helps to shape and beautify the skin. Therefore, instead of fast food, you should use fruit for these meals.

The fruits help you lose weight fast

1. Apple

Apples are not only good for your health, but also help you lose weight effectively. Apples are high in fiber and low in calories, so it is considered as a really effective weight loss food.

Some studies also show that the calories in apples are very low, making people feel full faster, while consuming less food. People who want to lose weight should eat apples instead of drinking juice to better control appetite.

8 Fruit to help you lose weight effectively and tone your body

2. Avocado

Avocado is greasy, so many people think that eating avocado will increase weight. However, according to many experts, eating avocado can help you lose weight effectively. Because avocado is high in fat, it is a natural fat that helps lower blood cholesterol and does not cause weight gain.

Eating avocado reduces feelings of hunger and cravings. The oleic acid in avocado will help regulate the amount of food you consume, which is very suitable for people on a diet. Avocado helps to accelerate the fat burning process.

Eating 1 fruit a day is enough and if you add butter to your weight loss menu, cut down on high-calorie foods. Limit fat and sugar when eating butter

If you lose weight by taking avocado smoothies, you should use it after the main meal about 30 minutes.

3. Pear

In pear, there is quite a lot of fiber to support metabolism in the body. With a sweet taste, eating crunchy pear is also a nutritious food and helps to lose weight effectively.

8 Fruit to help you lose weight effectively and tone your body

The fiber is porous and will quickly fill your stomach and make you feel full, which will limit your appetite. An average pear takes only 100 calories and is rich in Vitamin C. To eat pear weight loss it is best to eat a pear or a glass of pear juice before each meal, this will help you no longer crave.

4. Bananas

This plant is grown everywhere and is very nutritious. Bananas are easy to eat, taste good, low cost. In particular, bananas are also very effective fruit for weight loss. To get enough energy and beat up fat quickly, every morning, eat 1-2 bananas.

Bananas are high in starch but low in calories. Therefore, they will prevent the body from absorbing too many carbs. The abundant potassium in bananas will help the fat to be burned quickly. Turns fat into firmer muscles.
Bananas are rich in soluble fiber. Thanks to that, the body digests better. More fully absorbed nutrients help you prevent cravings.

Fresh bananas are the easiest to eat. However, you can also use bananas as a smoothie, banana cake, grilled bananas for a more diverse menu.

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5. Orange

If you do not know what fruit to eat to lose weight. Orange is the suggestion for you. Every day, you only need to use 1-2 oranges, the fat will disappear immediately. Do it now to verify it!

The reason orange is ranked in the top of weight loss fruits is by: 

Oranges contain abundant amounts of vitamin C. Help the body enhance metabolism, increase physical strength. Also helps regulate and eliminate excess body fat. Orange contains a large amount of fiber. Therefore has a very good effect on the digestive and intestinal tract, helps reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body.

8 Fruit to help you lose weight effectively and tone your body

The natural amount of sugar in oranges helps us to reduce cravings for sweet. Just by reducing the amount of sugar in the body, your weight loss process has been successful up to 50%. Weight loss with oranges is best done with whole or squeezed drinking water. For sour oranges, you can dilute it with water. However, you should minimize the added sugar in orange juice.

6. Lemon

Similar to oranges, lemons are fruits that are rich in vitamin C and fiber. Helps the body to be purified and the process of digestion and metabolism take place more smoothly. In addition, lemons also contain B vitamins, phosphorus and zinc, which help keep the body in balance when active, sweating.

The amount of natural acid in each lemon is a great source of liver detoxification. The liver is healthy, the body will eliminate toxins better, excess fat is burned and limits accumulation. Thanks to that, both support weight loss and beautify the skin every day.

To lose weight, you can mix 1 cup of honey lemon, drink when you wake up in the morning. Or you can drink diluted lemon juice instead of plain water all day.

Note that lemon juice is not good for people with stomach pain. Therefore, if you have a history of this disease, choose for yourself another fruit to lose weight.

7. Blueberry

This fruit has a high content of antioxidants, which helps your body eliminate toxins better, so it will lose weight quickly.

When used in a certain dose, the polyphenols in blueberries can reduce up to 73% of the number of cells that form fat tissue in the body.

8 Fruit to help you lose weight effectively and tone your body

8. Grapefruit

With its water-rich nature, eating grapefruit will help you feel full while your calorie intake is very low, which can help to lose weight extremely effectively.

Special enzymes help burn fat, lots of Vitamin C, fiber, protein combination make fat burning effective and reduce weight quickly. Simply after every 15 minutes, eat grapefruit dessert. Eating grapefruit at this time will help the food that has been absorbed into the body digest quickly, avoid accumulating excess fat.

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