8 effective and save bath-cleaning tips

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Go together with Break to discover some unique cleaning tips to keep the bathroom always like new!

Summer comes, the bathroom becomes a paradise for many people. What's more comfortable than being soaked in a cool bath after a long hot day? Do not let your fun be interrupted by stubborn stains in the bathroom. Please refer to the following tips to clean the bathroom effectively.

8 tips to clean the bathroom effectively

Bright white toilet thanks to vinegar:

8 effective and save bath-cleaning tips

The toilet is a place with a lot of bacteria and it is very easy to stain. In addition to using commercial cleaning solutions, you can also make yourself a different, safer and cheaper detergent with vinegar and baking soda.

You just need to prepare a cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda (a salt used in cooking, can be purchased at the bakery) then pour both things into the toilet, soak for about 30 minutes, then use a brush to clean your toilet. The bright white toilet will surprise you about the effectiveness of this little trick.

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Clean the mold on the corner of the shower and bathtub:

8 effective and save bath-cleaning tips

Shower and the corners of the bathroom are often wet, so it is inevitable that they get moldy, scaled. In this case, the vinegar will be the savior for your bathroom. Spray vinegar on the surface to be cleaned, wait for dry then use a rag to rub strongly, the mold will "evaporate" no longer traces.

Clean the mirror:

8 effective and save bath-cleaning tips

Water stains, soap on the mirror makes the bathroom mirror become ugly and opaque. The solution is simple, use shaving cream to clean the mirror, the mirror will become shiny like new.

Clean the surface of the sink:

8 effective and save bath-cleaning tips

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 bowl of water, 1 half bowl of vinegar and a little dishwashing liquid to create a cleansing mixture to remove mold and soap residue around the sink. This mixture not only eliminates stubborn dirt but also helps to make the stone surface more shiny.

Clean the ceiling:

8 effective and save bath-cleaning tips

The ceiling of the bathroom is also a very vulnerable place to mold, but its height makes many people very afraid to clean up. Besides, many people are also afraid of easy cleaning chemicals that drip and fall on people during the process of cleaning the ceiling. However, if you mix white vinegar into the water and use a mop to clean the ceiling, not only will the ceiling be cleaner, you won't have to worry about toxic substances sticking to you.

Anti-foul bath mats:

8 effective and save bath-cleaning tips

Stinking doormats at the bathroom door are also a problem that makes many sisters headaches. Of course you don't have time to wash the carpet every day, so try the simpler way of hanging the carpet up at the end of the day (when everyone in the family has finished bathing). When the carpet is dry, sprinkle some baking soda on the surface, leave it for about an hour and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Baking soda will help remove bad odors from carpet and keep them cleaner.

Flying rust stain:

8 effective and save bath-cleaning tips

The obnoxious rust makes your bathroom look less clean. And the headache problem is that the stains are very strong, you have to rub your hands and it is still there. Toothpaste is the cure for you in this case. Apply toothpaste to the rust, leave it for about 10 minutes and then use a strong scrub brush, the rust will automatically peel off to give you a clean, fresh bathroom.

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Toilet stains:

8 effective and save bath-cleaning tips

The rim of toilet is easy to stain, but it is not difficult to remove stains if you use lemon and borax. You just need to mix these two materials together and use it to rub the stains. Your toilet will become bright and have a refreshing lemon scent.


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