8 Coldest places on Earth that people still living

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Although these places are freezing cold, people still find a way to stay and live here.

Although recognized as the coldest places in the world, where temperature can reach below -10 degrees Celsius, these 8 lands are still inhabited by thousands of people. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit (-70 degrees Celsius) at a Russian research station in Vostok, Antarctica on July 21, 1983. Here are the eight coldest places on Earth that people still live in today.

8 Coldest inhabited places in the world

1. Snag, Canada

8 Coldest places on Earth that people still living

Located in Yukon territory, Snag is one of the coldest destinations in Canada. Snag has a record low temperature of -81 degrees F (-27 degrees C) on February 3, 1947. That is the lowest temperature recorded in the North American continent. The highest average temperature in Snag is 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) and the lowest is 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C). There are only about 8-10 people living in Snag.

2. Barrow, Alaska

8 Coldest places on Earth that people still living

Barrow, Alaska, is a city located 2,000km south of the Arctic. The small city is built on frozen land with depths of up to 396m (1,300 feet) and experience winters with extreme cold and cold temperatures. Here, the Sun sets in late November and only reappears until the end of January. Even in summer days, it is still super cold. By June, everything starts to melt and the average summer temperature is 3 degrees C.

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3. Hell, Norway

8 Coldest places on Earth that people still living

In January 2016, the average temperature in Hell is about 25 degrees F (-4 degrees C). The population here is about 1,500 people. In recent years, many visitors come to Hell to visit and feel the cold. Normally, for 1/3 of the year (from December to March), everything in Hell freezes. For people living in Hell, -4 degrees C is considered "cool".

4. Yakutsk, Russia

8 Coldest places on Earth that people still living

Yakutsk, the capital city of Yakutia, Russia, is considered the coldest city in the world. Yakutsk is located in the far eastern region of Russia, near the Arctic Circle. In winter, the "warm" days are usually at -40 degrees C, while the "cold" days can be at -64 degrees C. From September to May, everything here is frozen. Regardless of the extreme weather conditions, the city of Yakutsk still has a population of 270,000 people, equivalent to 1/4 the population of the Siberia region. 

5. Fraser, Colorado

8 Coldest places on Earth that people still living

Fraser, Colorado is a small town located at a height of 2,600m in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA, with a population of about 1,000 people (according to the 2000 census). Located near Winter Park's famous ski area, Fraser has some of America's coldest winters. The average annual temperature here is 0 degrees C (32.5 degrees F). In the summer, even in the middle of June, the temperature may reach -1 degrees C.

6. International Falls, Minnesota

8 Coldest places on Earth that people still living

International Falls, Minnesota is known as the nation's "ice box" because of the cold weather all year round. Located between the US and Canada borders, it has a population of about 6,700 people. Winter in International Falls is very long with an annual average temperature of -3.3 degrees C. In January, the temperature usually fluctuates at -16 degrees C. The record low temperature here is -48 degrees C. Besides, snow also falls a lot, so each year International Falls receives 1.6 meters of snow. 

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7. Oymyakon, Russia

8 Coldest places on Earth that people still living

Located only 350 km from the Arctic Circle, Oymyakon is extremely cold, especially in the winter. It is said to be one of the coldest places on the planet. The temperatures here is around -71.1 degrees C. In the past, Oymyakon was home to about 210,000 people, but now that number has fallen to only about 472 people. The reason is that many people have moved to other warmer villages.

8. Verkhoyansk, Russia

8 Coldest places on Earth that people still living

Verkhoyansk, Russia, is a remote place in Siberia, with a population of 1,434 people (according to the 2002 census). Located just over 2,400km from the Arctic, Verkhoyansk used to be a place for exiled politicians in the early 20th century. In spring, the temperature in Verkhoyansk can fall to -45 degrees C. People here live by raising livestock, exploiting tin and gold. The average temperature in winter is -48 degrees C, and the coldest temperature ever recorded is -66.7 degrees C.

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