8 cities in Europe best for your travels

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European cities have always been a concern in the selection of many people with the decision to make a trip to Europe.

The 8 cities that are BREAK listed below are the cities with a special geographical location, which has fascinating beauty. These are the cities of classical and modern interferocity for the most harmonious beauty.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

8 cities in Europe best for your travels
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As the capital of the Netherlands, built on reclaimed land, Amsterdam was a success of ingenuity, and still rift with ambition, cultural tolerance, and entrepreneurship that have promoted the golden era of the 17th century of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam has up to 1,380 bridges, 6,800 ancient houses built from the SIXTEENTH century, XVII, and XVIII were ranked cultural monuments. As you visit Amsterdam's streets, you are in the fairy world with a deep, peaceful feeling in the heart of the beautiful ships.

The original impression for tourists is that the city has a lot of canals. The canal system is interlaced with countless boats, gentle glide, and wiping between the streets is typical of Amsterdam. Standing in any of the hotel's guests can also see the canals and the old bridge crossing with distinct beauty.

Florence, Italy

8 cities in Europe best for your travels
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Referring to the most beautiful cities in the world, we can't ignore the name Florence, Italy. The ancient city was not only ancient, magnificent, but also the cradle of world civilization for 4 centuries (from the XIV-XIX). According to UNESCO's statistics, "60% of mankind's most important architectural works are in Italy and there are half of them in Florence."

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Paris, France

8 cities in Europe best for your travels
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On the banks of the Seine River through the city, the two sides are the solemn museum, the century church, and the Rococo blocks, neoclassical architecture adsorption the charm of the trees, the brightly lit streets are the attractions of tourism France.

The beauty of the cobbled path on the Seine and the graceful bridge created the romantic beauty and the skyline of Paris long ago. What's more, the delicious cuisine and the vast collections of art are an attractive tourist city in the world.

London, England

8 cities in Europe best for your travels
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There is a lot of beauty in London that will make you want to stretch your visit longer than originally intended. London is the capital of England. This is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists and tourists all over the world. Across London, every street and every lane are thoughtfully constructed to reflect its traditional years. Some of the most famous and visited places in London of tourists will have to be Regent Park, Royal Opera House, and Parliament House.

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Berlin, Germany

8 cities in Europe best for your travels
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The capital city of Germany, Berlin is a hub of tourism activities. It offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for history and culture or you want to experience the art, music and fun nightlife. Berlin is a mixture of beautiful architecture from various times and cities that are bustling with life.

Budapest, Hungary

8 cities in Europe best for your travels
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Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. With a unique atmosphere, youthful, world-class classical music as well as a vibrant nightlife increasingly appreciated by European youth and last but not least, a special natural thermal bathing service Phu, Budapest is one of the most exciting European and exciting cities. Due to its magnificent view and architecture, it is named "Paris of the East".

Copenhagen, Denmark

8 cities in Europe best for your travels
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The Danish city of Copenhagen has been voted for many years as one of the most vibrant cities in Europe.

The first reason is the fresh air. This has been due to the appearance of bicycles around all roads of the capital of Denmark. Cycling has become a familiar activity of the people of Copenhagen, even, the number of bicycles is even more than the population here. From the bar at the foot at each traffic light column or trash on the street, all are designed to fit cyclists. Copenhagen has more than half a million people, so life here is not to the bucket but still retain much peace.

Visitors can admire the architectural style of the EIGHTEENTH century, in parallel with modern works. Street Air is also an experience not to be missed.

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Venice, Italy

8 cities in Europe best for your travels
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Venice is an excellent city, located in the northeast of Italy when it came here, visitors can visualize Venice to look like a giant spider network created by 118 Islands and 175 canals, the islands are interconnected by 444 bridges. Venice always keeps the beauty of romantic, poetic, just quiet, calm. This is where every corner of it carries a romantic, mystical look. Where the reality blends harmoniously with the dream and is where everyone should come once in their lifetime, if possible.

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