8 Beautiful apartment interior design styles that everyone loves

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Nowadays, instead of building a multi-storey house, many families choose to own an apartment, for it is economical yet comfortable and sufficient to satisfy most demands.

Therefore, the interior design of an apartment building becomes an important factor, whether the area is wide or narrow, long-term or not, the family is large or small...

The interior design of an apartment should ensure factors such as aesthetic, applicability, safety and feng shui. This article will suggest to you the most basic apartment interior styles as well as the current popular designs for your references.

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  1. Interior design ideas

No matter how small or big your apartment is, the interior design should always ensure the following basic ideas and criteria:

  • Choose the interior size suitable for the house area: A small apartment cannot try to "cram" the bulky, sophisticated furniture, as well as a large house if only a few items are placed with small and simple things will leave a lot of "dead space". Therefore, depending on the size of the apartment, you should choose the appropriate size and type of furniture.

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- Combining colors and light: A suitable interior design for a condominium is when you choose colors that match the style and the indispensable light as a highlight. Depending on personal preferences, we can completely choose colors to enhance the beauty of the apartment. In addition to the natural light source from the windows, the main door, bring warmth, freshness to the apartment by a reasonable lighting system.

- Bring the natural green to the apartment: The idea of ​​interior design with a little green will bring balance to your apartment. A few pots of green plants, air flowering plants placed in windows or corners of houses have created focal points for the house, making the atmosphere always fresh and pleasant. A beautiful apartment interior design can not lack a few pots of green plants, while helping to filter the air and make the space become more lively.

  • Create accents: It would be boring if your living room only carries a soft cream color, so why not try to "break the way" by creating focal points for interior furniture? Unique floor mats, combined with new ceiling drop lights, using smart furniture or reflections of light from mirrors, glass will bring accents and openness in your living space.
8 Beautiful apartment interior design styles that everyone loves
  1. Styles of interior design for apartment buildings

2.1. Modern interior style: In all interior design styles, perhaps the modern design pattern is more popular because it suits any housing space. This architecture is especially for those with active and modern lifestyles towards an open, airy space, favoring simple and neatly designed furniture.

2.2. Classic interior style: Classic interior style is suitable for apartments with large area, enough space for furniture with a slightly more sophisticated decoration than modern furniture. When designing in this style, architects often use warm colors, deep as brown, moss green, cream or yellow earth, creating accents of wood and leather.

2.3. New neoclassical style: Interior design of neoclassical apartment is a combination of modern but still carry the classic breath that is not too fussy, lavish. Minimalistic layout, simpler colors, economic space but still exuding elegance. Create accents with simple decorative pattern lines on the ceiling, walls or use chandeliers with warm tones.

8 Beautiful apartment interior design styles that everyone loves

2.4. Modern European style: Not only popular in Europe but now this style has been favored by many Vietnamese families because of its modern and unique advantages but still harmonious and especially suitable for common apartments. small residence. Monochrome colors of white, gray, black, ... of Nordic style combined with prominent motifs in curtains, carpeting, decorations, pictures bring a very modern and personality space.

2.5. French style: This is an apartment interior design that makes people think of a combination of modernity with a bit of classic, old, decorated with antiques or unique items, thereby creating to create the most beautiful and impressive space.

2.6. American Style: When designing American-style furniture, you have a lot of options with liberal, contemporary and modern country architectures, luxurious natural or classical open spaces ...

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2.7. Japanese style: For those who prefer minimalism, this is definitely a great choice. From ancient times to present, Japanese interior architecture still attaches importance to 3 things: minimalism, nature and neutral colors. In Japanese-style housing space, wood material will be used. Mainly used, colors are often monochromatic, furniture items are also not picky but always ensure to meet reasonable use needs.

8 Beautiful apartment interior design styles that everyone loves

2.8. Korean Style: If you regularly watch Korean dramas, you can easily see that Korean style interior design is relatively similar to Japanese style in color or darkness. simple. However, there are still highlights and towards the modern, more youthful, quite suitable for small and medium-sized apartments.

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