8 bad cooking habits experts recommend you break right away

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Not only bad foods, but your own cooking habits also can affect your family's health. Wrong cooking habits may even cause cancers.

Cooking at home seems to be much more safer than eating at some random restaurants. However, you must give up the following bad cooking habits to fully protect your family's health!

8 common cooking habits that are extremely harmful 

Cooking without turning on the exhaust hood

8 bad cooking habits experts recommend you break right away

Frying oils always contain some toxic substance, if inhaled kitchen smoke can be harmful to the skin and respiratory system. Especially for people with a history of respiratory disease may also have symptoms such as nausea and discomfort in the nose and throat. Besides, oil smoke is a cause of high lung cancer.

Therefore, housewives remember to open the hood before and after cooking for about 10 minutes to ensure smoke is exhausted. If any home does not have a hood, open the door to ventilate the kitchen when cooking.

Reusing excess oil

Many people often use used cooking oil in order to save money. However, this unintentionally harms your family's health.

When the oil is boiled several times, the chemical composition of the oil changes nutrients in the food such as vitamins A, E and some nutrients disappear. At the same time, causing toxins such as aldehyde, benzopyrene have the potential to cause cancer to the body.

Moreover, the toxins double the rate of ovarian and uterine diseases in women. Therefore, avoid reusing processed oils. This is a way to protect the health and safety of your family.

8 bad cooking habits experts recommend you break right away

Improperly defrosting food

The busy work causes housewives to place food such as fish, meat, ... and the food in the freezer in the microwave right away to thaw food quickly.

However, defrosting improperly will cause dangers such as: frozen cells after defrosting will break down and become an appropriate environment for bacteria to grow quickly. This can easily cause diarrhea, poisoning or even toxins that can lead to cancer.

If you directly defrost food into hot oil or microwave, ... at the wrong temperature will facilitate propanal - a powerful carcinogen directly affecting body cells.

Cooking for too long, reheating food over and over again

In any way of cooking, any dish, if it is too long cooked, or reheated several times before eating, will degrade the food. Carbohydrates combined with fats can produce carcinogens.

Adding too much salt

Recent studies have shown that following a diet high in salt over a long period of time increases the risk of heart and blood pressure diseases and can lead to stroke.

WHO also recommends that each adult should eat no more than 5 grams of salt / day (equivalent to a teaspoon).

Vietnamese people have a habit of eating salty so they use a lot of salt in processing as well as direct use. This increases the risk of kidney failure, osteoporosis and gastrointestinal cancers, especially stomach cancer.

People need to limit the amount of salt used to eat a frugal diet to maintain a healthy body.

Cleaning vegetables improperly

Many people often have a habit of soaking vegetables in salt water to eliminate pesticides but this is the wrong habit that can backfire.

Salt water only has a bactericidal effect and cannot clean out pesticides adhering to plants. Therefore, if washing vegetables improperly, just brine is very harmful.

According to experts, to wash fruits and vegetables need to classify them into separate categories such as leaves, fruits, tubers and flowers because each type will have a different risk of contamination, bacteria and toxins. Then the best way is to wash several times with clean water first, and then wash each small fist under running water several times.

For raw vegetables, before soaking in strong alkaline water, you need to soak in strong acid water (pH 2.5) for about 30 seconds to disinfect bacteria.

8 bad cooking habits experts recommend you break right away

Putting food in the pan after the oil boils

When cooking, many people have a habit of putting oil in a pot and waiting until the oil is boiling, even fuming to release the food and cook it.

This is an extremely harmful habit, because when the oil temperature is too high, it will lose all the nutrients of the food. In addition, it facilitates some carcinogens proliferation, such as aldehyde.

Therefore, instead of waiting for very hot oil to add food, watch the soup so that the oil has just boiled and immediately drop the food in it. You can try dropping the tip of the chopsticks to check the boiling of the oil, if you see frothy bubbles are just enough boiling.

Reusing unwashed pans to prepare other dishes

During the holidays, the demand for cooking is so high, so women often reuse pots and pans that have been used to cook a dish to prepare another dish. But this is an extremely harmful cooking habit that one of us probably has had many times.

According to experts, after processing the food, the leftover grease and food will remain on the pan.

At this point, if not cleaned, the excess fat and sticky food will be burned and turned into harmful substances such as benzopyren that are harmful to your health. So do not spare a few minutes to clean the pan.

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