7 top destinations in France

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The top destinations in France have shaped to be the most popular tourist destination in the world, welcoming 82 million foreign tourists annually. Tourists from all over the world are fascinated with the sophisticated French culture, exquisite cuisine, fine wines, romantic castles and picturesque countryside.

Paris and Versailles were the only destinations that were not to be missed for the first trip to France. But not yet, let the Break lead you to discover many special and interesting places.

1. Paris and Versailles

7 top destinations in France
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Highly appreciated for its elegant and joie de vivre, Paris is a major European capital filled with architectural masterpieces such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. Reflecting the rich heritage of the city, the Louvre (one of the top museums in Paris) contains a special fine art collection, while the Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie showcase the treasures of French impressistry. The other charms of Paris are the medieval quarter of the atmosphere and charming boulevards. The quintessential travel experience includes shopping at the bookstore in the Latin Quarter, a tour of the Champs-elyséesand people watching from a sidewalk café on the Saint-Germain-de-Prés Boulevard.

 To see one of the country's most impressive palaces, tourists can take a 30-minute train ride from Paris to Versailles. The Château de Versailles has been listed by UNESCO as one of the best day trips from Paris. Built for Louis XIV ("Sun King"), this luxurious 17th-century palace is a testimony to the glorious and absolute power that was once the Kingdom of the French kings. The splendid Baroque façade of the castle, the dazzling hall of mirrors and the elegant gardens decorated with fountains allow you to imagine a backdrop of the past royal Court of France.

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2. Bordeaux

7 top destinations in France
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  Bordeaux is the capital of the wine, and is therefore the ideal place if you want to experience the great wine tasting experience. Located in the Aquitaine region of southwestern France, the city has a lot of bars, especially the streets of Paris, where you can enjoy different types of national drinks.

3. Lille

7 top destinations in France
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  Very close to the Belgian border, Lille is an enchanting city in northern France, and is famous for the Grande Braderie de Lille, which takes place in 9 months when the street market connects the city for 48 hours.    In 2004, Lille was elected the European Capital of culture and since then the Lille 3000 program has driven to promote the cultural heritage of the city and contemporary artists through regular events and festivals.   

Aside from highbrow culture, history is a town. Wazemmes Market in the city center is a real Ali-Baba Cave, selling everything from fruits and vegetables to furniture and electronics.

4. Strasbourg

7 top destinations in France
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  The city of Strasbourg is located across the Ill River, which divides and surrounds the Grand Île (large island) which has the old town and most of the city's famous buildings. The island was designated a UNESCO World Heritage SITE in 1988. 11th century 15th of the German Strasbourgchurch, damaged in 1870 and again in World War II, has been carefully restored.  

Constructed of a red Vosges sandstone, it is a harmonious building despite the diversity of its architectural style. It has an asymmetrical façade (mostly 13th century) with exquisitely sculpted gates and only one tower, with a height (455 feet [139 meters]) and a charming 15th-century tower. Some of the church's sculptures, along with traces from other ancient French churches, are exhibited at Maison de l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame, next to the cathedral. The 18th century Château des Rohan, a former palace, has three museums. The city's La Petite District has a number of well-preserved old streets with wooden houses, as well as some picturesque canals.

5. The Charming Countryside of Provence

7 top destinations in France
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  Sparkling sea, winding roads and endless lavender fields: The Provencal countryside is easily one of the most beautiful parts of France every Oh, and the Provençal towns? All the cobbled lanes, closed windows and pastel colors, villages, cities and settlements are equally as cute as all green spaces, albeit in a different way. Here is your complete guide to find the most beautiful towns in Provence!   Thanks to its location as the land of mountains, coasts, the Mediterranean Sea and the world-renowned wine-producing vineyards, the Provence region has long been loved for tourists and tourists.

6. Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy

7 top destinations in France
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  An unmistakable symbol of the northern French coastline, Mont-Saint-Michel is listed as a magical island crowned by a high medieval monastery, dimly on the horizon and challenging some of the highest tides in Europe.   

Rise high from the rocky island amongst the vast sands exposed to the powerful tides is the Gothic Benedictine monastery surrounded by a medieval village. Built from the 11th to 16th centuries, it is an architectural masterpiece, a historical relic and still alive, bringing the breath of history and culture to France, and no doubt, spectacular. After visiting this island countless times, I was still surprised and impressed with the scene and wanted to share with you a few interesting facts that you might not know about Mont-Saint-Michel.  

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7. The Châteaux of the Loire Valley

7 top destinations in France
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  The historic cities of Strasbourg and Colmar, along with hundreds of Alsatian villages, have a distinctive charm of the old world completely distinct from the rest of France. The architecture and surroundings of Alsace are influenced by neighboring Germany, as seen in the brightly painted half-frame buildings and venerable Gothic churches. Strasbourg captivated visitors with its narrow cobblestone streets, stunning canals and ornate churches. Colmar is the quintessential Alsatian town, full of interesting old churches and traditional houses with a floral balcony.

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