7 tips to ease discomfort for pregnant women at work

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8 hours of work for a pregnant woman is really uncomfortable, here are some tips to help you feel better during office hours.

To comfort yourself and maintain both your health and your baby's, try applying the following advices.

7 tips to feel more comfortable for pregnant women at office

1. You should arrange yourself a seat with a comfortable position

Put a low chair under your desk so you can rest your feet. When working, try to sit up straight to avoid back pain later. If your job requires long sitting, relax by standing up and down several times between working hours, this will help blood flow better and you will not be numb.

7 tips to ease discomfort for pregnant women at work

2. Bring a few healthy snacks like fruits and nuts (chestnuts, almonds ...)

In the early stages of pregnancy, whenever you have nausea, a pear will be very helpful for you. The next stage of pregnancy, if you are uncomfortable with heartburn, stomach rake, you should eat more bananas. Limit fried snacks with too much fat.

3. In addition to snacks, you may want to drink something other than water

But according to doctors, the best pregnancy is to drink enough water. Try to drink about eight glasses of water a day, if you get bored of plain water, you can combine it with milk or other beneficial juices. However, you should also note that refrain from drinking too sweet during pregnancy because it will cause excessive weight gain, not good for both you and the baby in the abdomen.

4. Wear comfortable clothes will help you feel better

When you start your pregnancy, you should prepare a formal office suit but also ensure the comfort for pregnant women when the abdomen starts to increase in size. The best clothes are dresses designed specifically for pregnant women, they help you more graceful and more comfortable to work.

7 tips to ease discomfort for pregnant women at work

5. The clothing material that you should choose must be a good sweat-absorbing fabric, cool and easy to keep clean. Don't choose clothes made of synthetic fibers that contain lots of nylon, they will make you feel hot, uncomfortable and can be difficult to sweat, causing itchy skin inflammation.

6. Lunch is very important for pregnant women, so make sure you have a nutritious lunch

However, do not eat too full because it will make you sleepy and work less focused. Limit spicy or overly spicy foods because they are bad for your stomach.

7. Rest properly

In addition to the above tips, during lunch break at work, you should prepare yourself some essential items such as a soft pillow to rest on. A short nap of 15-30 minutes can help you recover somewhat health and dispel fatigue.

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