7 Steps To Lower Your Ping So You Can Game Better

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The most frustrating thing as a gamer or when playing games is that you have high ping. High ping is the same with high latency which wheither your internet connection is strong or weak but its speed is not consistent then high ping will happen. We got you coverd, gamers, here are some steps to lower your ping.

How to Lower Ping

The way to lower ping in online games can be done with just a few simple steps if followed correctly. Remember! You can lower ping without any hassle if you can cover the list of to do things that will be mentioned here.

1. Select Nearest Servers

Whenever you are playing on the online game, and you want to reduce ping when connecting to the game, the easiest way to lower ping is to select the servers that are nearest to your location. Any server which is closest to your location will allow better communication between server to PC and would therefore greatly help to lower ping.

7 Steps To Lower Your Ping So You Can Game Better

Throughout the online games in the cyber universe, there are many that give you the liberty of selecting servers by yourself. This is where you do some work and see what can be the closest server to your location and connect to your game through it.

2. Force Close a Program

When playing online games, a good practice is to close applications and programs that are running in the background. This helps to reduce load on your computer as well. There are many times when your connection to the game server is alright however the load on the computer makes your online game to get lagged in many cases.

Make sure that the programs in the back are being closed before you connect to any online game. This also helps in minimizing the overall bandwidth that is being consumed by your computer since many of the programs and application suck on to your internet and you end up on Google searching for solutions to lower ping.

7 Steps To Lower Your Ping So You Can Game Better

The most effective method to close any program and executable file from your computer are through the task manager. A picture of which is shown below

One more important thing……

Turn off your torrent if you are using one. That thing is your bandwidth’s worst nightmare

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3. Turn Off Your Updates

Even though that updates are important for your computer, but they can wait. Your game can’t. Be sure to turn off all your updates when you are starting to play your online game. This helps you in a game since the updates take a lot of your bandwidth.

Most importantly keep an eye on your antivirus since those things update every day and leech on to your bandwidth. Turning off updates can provide you one of the major steps that you take on how to decrease ping. Good thing this only takes one right click to deactivate your antivirus updates from your system tray.

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7 Steps To Lower Your Ping So You Can Game Better

4. Reset Your Network Settings

If you are playing online games on your laptop then probably you are connected to the internet through a router or in many cases through a modem. Restarting your router can solve many of your connectivity issues. Just turn off the router and wait a minute or two. Turn it on and use the internet like normal. You would experience a difference since restarting a router resets the cache that might have been congested if it stayed on for a long time.

7 Steps To Lower Your Ping So You Can Game Better

You can also reset your network by logging in to the admin panel of your router and restarting it from there. Cleaning up internet cache through this method reduce ping to a huge extent.

5. Clean Your Computer

YES. Only you have to do it. No one else can do it for you. Clean it up. Dust is your worst enemy. Layers of dust create overheating since proper ventilation is not possible on your computer and the overall processes tend to get slow due to the case of heat. There is also a possibility that your network adapter might be creating problems of lag due to that.

7 Steps To Lower Your Ping So You Can Game Better
Keep It Clean Like This

6. Getting a Wired Connection

A lot of the times, your connection issues might be due to your wireless internet. Routers at times tend to get clustered with data packets if you aren’t the only one using the device. Due to this, network packets are slowed down and as a result you facing high ping.

7 Steps To Lower Your Ping So You Can Game Better

The best and easiest way to solve this is to get a wired connection to play online games. This way you would get a stable connection with the internet and your connection would be optimum. This also reduces the chances of having a poor internet connection which might be possible if your router is placed far from your computer. Switch to a wired connection and you will definitely see a betterment in your internet connection.

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7. Lower Your Ping With Kill Ping

Our work here is done if you have lower your ping until now. If you want to go further, then we would recommend a dedicated gaming application. Using a dedicated path means you connect to your game from a route that is only for you. This is the ultimate thing that you can do for your precious online game to lower ping and play lag-free anytime anywhere and as long as you desire.

Good news is that Kill Ping does the same thing as well by providing a dedicated route for your game data to travel and at the same time providing you with the perfect security for your online presence. This also helps you be safe from hackers that might be a threat to you especially if you are playing online. Being an online gamer, you would not want your account to get hacked, and all of your hard work gets stolen from you in no time.

Here is a pictorial representation of how Kill Ping can greatly help to lower your ping in online games.

7 Steps To Lower Your Ping So You Can Game Better

Therefore, the best possible advice that can be given for you to lower ping in online games would be to try a dedicated route provided by Kill Ping and see the difference that you can create in online games.

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