7 signs that you are letting game addiction ruin your life

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Many people have a passion for video games. But if you play game the wrong way and let it ruin yourself, you have to reconsider your gaming habit.

These are probably the most obvious signs of how seriously video games are dominating your life. 

7 signs you are seriously addicted to video games

1. You let the game suck a lot of your money

7 signs that you are letting game addiction ruin your life

In difficult economic times, every dollar comes from great effort. Yet many of you are willing to spend 60-70% of your salary for video games.

We all know how happy it is to win in the virtual world, become stronger and "have a position" in a certain game.

But how many days do you aim to eat instant noodles?

2. You forget your social life, staying at home all day

You don't feel  the need to leave home as gaming is fun enough, and communicating online is sometimes more comfortable and safer.

It is not the properly way we communicate, however. The other gamers you talk to, as they come from many other countries, can only talk to you about games.

If you forget the real world, when it's time to communicate in real life, it will be difficult for you.

7 signs that you are letting game addiction ruin your life

3. You play games instead of working or studying

After all, games only play a supporting role in your life. A kind of catalyst that helps us have more fun and accomplish our work well.

So if someday you start sacrificing your work just to serve your passion for gaming, you're wrong.

4. Video games manipulate your mood

In order for the game to decide the mood, whichever day the game wins, then the whole day will be fun, but if you lose the rank, drop the rank, make sure the whole day does not laugh at all.

Sometimes because of the game, you also show a negative attitude to your relatives or friends, and then the parents for those reasons also have a bad view on the game.

You need to regulate your emotions, in this world there is much worse than losing a game.

5. Your health is affected

Your health is the most importance, but as you're young, you think you can stay healthy forever.

Playing games late at night, playing games and forgetting to eat and drink are bad habits that any gamer has. You can play games if you feel stressed. However, i not, in any case, prioritize your own well-being.

7 signs that you are letting game addiction ruin your life

6. You prefer leveling up to having a pay rise

A lot of people go to work and go to school while thinking about how to improve their skills in the game, instead of trying to develop themselves.

Similar to the game, a fairly common disease nowadays, sitting in class also thinking about the game, going out to think of the game, talking to the lover who also thinks about the game.

It makes it impossible for you to focus on anything but the combos in the beginning just for the standard combo, so that the angle is beautiful.

7. You fight with people around you because of video games

Play games with friends, then lose the game so angry. Playing games with colleagues because of jealousy that lost fun. Reminded by family when playing games. Going out with my lover but thinking about going home to play games and then breaking up ...

All of these things are clear evidence for how the game negatively affects our lives. Adjusted a little bit you.

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