7 signs that it's time to buy a new pair of eyeglasses

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If you notice the following signs, you need to retest your eyes and make a new pair of glasses, as soon as possible to protect your eyes.

Eyeglasses are familiar with many people. It can be considered an indispensable item. However some time, the glasses will no longer be suitable and may cause some eye discomfort. It's time to buy a new pair.

7 signs that you should replace your eyeglasses


7 signs that its time to buy a new pair of eyeglasses

The eyes work like a lens, adjusting your focus at different distances, whether it is a computer screen only a few dozen centimeters away or the road stretching forward endlessly. If you wear the wrong glasses, the muscles in your eyes will work very hard, which can cause unpleasant sensations such as eye pain, eye strain, watery eyes, or dry eyes.


When the eyes work too hard, you can feel a dull ache around the eyes, especially after reading a book, staring at a computer screen or looking at a blackboard. When focusing on these subjects, the muscles in the eyes are very tired, which in turn causes headaches.

To reduce eyestrain, after a period of work, you need to look out a further distance and spend 15-30 seconds to relax eyes.


7 signs that its time to buy a new pair of eyeglasses

If you have to squint your eyes to see a picture in closer position, it means that your eyes are having problems. Squinting can help you see things better, but if you squint continuously for long periods of time to be able to see, your vision is restricted and new glasses need to be replaced.

Always adjust the distance of the computer screen

Although you have adjusted the computer screen many times (set the appropriate distance, adjust the optimal brightness), you still don't feel comfortable. This indicates that there is the problem in your eyes, not the machine. Ophthalmologists say that with this sign, your vision is in trouble and you need to see a doctor to fix it.


The bright light is not good for your eyes, especially if you don't have the right glasses. You may have problems on the road, as the light from oncoming traffic lights cause you troubles. Sometimes, it can be from simple things like computers, televisions or phones. When your eyes cannot focus the light on the retina, the light may become scattered. As a result, you may see bright circles of light. This is when you should change your glasses. 

7 signs that its time to buy a new pair of eyeglasses


Normally the eyes produce two images, and the brain weaves the two images together to create a seamless image. But if one eye has poor vision, the image in that eye will blur and you may feel dizzy, nauseous, or sometimes see doubled images.

Your last eye exam was more than a year

Usually, you should have an eye exam done at least once a year for new glasses. And as recommended by ophthalmologists, people with myopia, astigmatism or farsightedness, it is best to go for an eye exam every 6 months. If you are careless, and only see a doctor after 2-3 years, the risk of eye problems will be very high.

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