7 principles of the solo travel

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Solo travel is now a trend for young people who like to have the opportunity to discover themselves, not surrounded by disagreements, or hobbies

To have a truly comfortable travel, of course we also need to be well prepared both mentally and mentally.

7 principles of the solo travel

Principle 1 - "Alone" does not mean "lonely":

7 principles of the solo travel

Many people think that traveling alone, without friends is lonely and that it is not interesting and this form is only for people who have questions. deals with private life. But, traveling alone has a completely different face. Traveling alone, you have to be more careful and careful in everything from planning your accommodation to moving. Traveling alone, without familiar people, you will make friends with the whole world, get acquainted with everyone on the trip, not merely encapsulated in a group of friends every day. Traveling alone, always a fun experience.

Principle 2 - Safety is first:

7 principles of the solo travel

Everyone's first concern is safety. Be well prepared for this. If you lost all your cash, what would you do? If you want to go out more places than expected, what would you do to not turn yourself into a "prey" for unforeseen dangers? If you overslept and missed your train, what would you do in a strange place? Find answers to the answers above and make a personal plan. Ask people who have experience with interesting travel information for the place you're going to as well as tips for listening to important news. Make sure that, no matter what happens, come back home safely

Principle 3 - Be close and ask locals, but don't be too gullible:

7 principles of the solo travel

Look for opportunities to ask locals about everything related to where you are stopping. Do not be subjective that you have learned everything you need to know through the Internet, friends and "seniors, seniors" go ahead, learn more is never redundant. Although locals will know where you are going, not everyone knows right and enough. Cross-check one important information for your journey by asking many people about the same information.

Principle 4 - Be open to people but be careful with your personal information:

7 principles of the solo travel

The most interesting feature of solo travel is that circumstances will motivate you to get acquainted with the whole world when possible. Please express yourself as open, approachable, funny and energetic. Being able to talk to a funny person on this journey will be very interesting. Right? But on the other hand, be careful when talking about your personal information. Know a little lie. You can make up a story about yourself and your personality. This not only allows you to test a new personality (you never have) but also makes life easier. When asking for directions, do not indicate that you are only going to an address. For example, “Can you show me the way to the museum? I need to see a friend there. ”

Principle 5 - Be mindful of the time:

You should make a schedule of travel time (departure time, arrival, transfer), time of stay (check in, check out), time to visit, sightseeing (opening / closing hours, closing / closing hours) ... and especially with a backup plan for trains being delayed / delayed, arriving late at night, having to stay at the transition place .... so that you do not have to sleep in a car or get worse, affecting your health and safety. Always ask yourself before a situation occurs. If in doubt, don't do it. Remember to bring the necessary identification.

Principle 6 - Staying connected with relatives:

7 principles of the solo travel

You should use your phone or digital media to help you be online at any time and place. If not, determine the location of internet shops right away. Many young people like to travel alone and separate from relatives and friends at home but it is safer to "always connect with relatives" or establish online conditions when needed.

Principle 7 - Vigilance:

7 principles of the solo travel

Traveling alone, you must watch for yourself. So be wary of strangers. You can be open to them in conversation but absolutely, remember that a funny new friend can also be a thief and they won't be afraid to walk with your belongings if there is a bad intention.

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