7 must-visit tourist destinations of Western Australia

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Western Australia is one of the most isolated regions on the planet, making it a perfect destination for those looking for a unique trip where nature is the main attraction.

Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Western Australia.

Beautiful tourist destinations in Western Australia visitors should not miss


7 must-visit tourist destinations of Western Australia

Esperance is a beach town on the south coast of Western Australia. The beaches of Esperance are nature lovers' dreams. Esperance is blessed with clean white sand, turquoise waters, unspoiled islands and colorful wildflowers. Among its most famous is Australia's whitest beach, Lucky Bay.  Even the kangaroos can't resist this place.

Elephant Rocks, Denmark

7 must-visit tourist destinations of Western Australia

This beautiful tourist destination in Western Australia, as its name suggests, has rocks that look like a herd of elephants walking in shallow water. For more adventure, go down and walk between two towering rocks on the beach... Watch the waves although you will find it hard to avoid getting wet at high tide... This large cracked elephant-shaped rocks create a stunning sight as they look out into the South Ocean.


7 must-visit tourist destinations of Western Australia

Exmouth beaches are known all over the world for their beautiful white sandy coastline with vast corals. In addition, when coming to this beautiful place, you can explore the Cape Range National Park with turquoise ocean and colorful coral and fish.

Quite far and unspoiled, the beaches of Cape Range National Park near Exmouth are protected and are listed as a world heritage. If this is your destination, fill your warm summer days with snorkelling, sunbathing, swimming, fishing or simply relaxing.

Hutt Lagoon, Kalbarri

7 must-visit tourist destinations of Western Australia

Another popular tourist destination in Western Australia is Hutt Lagoon. Located 515km north of Perth, the lake is surrounded by picturesque Port Gregory - a small town famous for fishing. If you start your trip in Kalbarri, you will get a glimpse of the lake after half an hour's drive. Those coming from Geraldton would have to head north just over an hour before reaching the lake. Hutt Lagoon's iconic color comes from the presence of caroteinoid-producing algae, dunaliella salina - a source of beta-carotene, a food colorant and a great source of vitamin A. Dunaliella salina is often used in cosmetics and dietary supplements - it's said to be great for skin health. Hutt Lagoon houses the world's largest microalgae production plant and supplies commercial brine shrimp, which are used as regional specialties.

Alaruen Botanical Park, Perth

7 must-visit tourist destinations of Western Australia

Araluen Botanic Park is a special garden in a beautiful jungle setting. Each area has different exotic flora that grow in the cool microclimate of Roleystone Perth Hills. This beautiful tourist destination is famous for the annual tulip festival that takes place each spring, where more than 100,000 tulips are on display in a breathtaking manner for thousands of visitors.

Coral Bay

7 must-visit tourist destinations of Western Australia

Coral Bay is as idyllic as its name suggests. There, on white-sand beaches, you're just steps from the world's largest coral reef - World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef. Scuba diving, snorkeling or fishing in crystal clear turquoise waters and immersing in marine encounters are must-have experiences in Western Australia's beautiful tourist destination.

This small seaside town is blessed with perfect beach weather most of the year and you can get there in half a day from Perth.

Kalbarri National Park

7 must-visit tourist destinations of Western Australia

One of Western Australia's most famous parks, with beautiful gorges with red and white sandstone and soaring coastal cliffs.

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