7 must-do things to fulfill your trip in Hong Kong

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If your friends complain: "What else is there to do but shop and eat in Hong Kong?" Show them this list and try it together.

These are experiences you must try when visiting the city of Hong Kong besides eating and shopping.

What to do to fulfill your visit to Hong Kong

1. Monopoly Dreams ™ - Play the real Monopoly game

On its 84th anniversary, MONOPOLY upgraded its floating game to a real-life version.

7 must-do things to fulfill your trip in Hong Kong

Located on The Peak, this is definitely the perfect place for you to realize MONOPOLY DREAM ™ with your friends. Here, you can experience classic games like ‘Chance’ cards, Water Works and even Jail through augmented reality technology and 4D interactive projection media. You will see 3-dimensional images created from the familiar board game. Or better yet, find a limited edition set of Billionaire Flag and bring back gifts.

Address: Shop 301, 3 / F, Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Road, The Peak, Hong Kong Island.

2. Explore Hong Kong Disneyland

Have you heard somewhere that Disneyland Hong Kong is about to get a new makeover? Although still in the process of a 6-year expansion plan, many Disneyland fans in particular and tourists from all around the world are expecting a day to see a magnificent Disneyland, more magnificent than reality.

7 must-do things to fulfill your trip in Hong Kong

Especially the enthusiasm of Marvel fans with the new experiences with Ant Man, The Wasp and SHIELD that debuted at Tomorrowland last year spread some of the atmosphere here.

7 must-do things to fulfill your trip in Hong Kong

Address: Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

3. Take photos at KAWS - a new sculpture on the port of Hong Kong

If you remember the lovely giant golden duck floating in Hong Kong port in 2013, then here, Companion is the new character to replace this duck.

7 must-do things to fulfill your trip in Hong Kong

This giant inflatable sculpture was created by KAWS, a famous American artist. Though her facial expressions make many people wonder, her body language is quite easy to understand. The face is facing the sky, his hands are spread out in the middle of the immense sea of ​​water, perhaps the author wants every visitor to "adventure" like this rubber friend.

Address: Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong.

4. Try the Imposible Hamburger 2.0

Imposible Foods created a new wave in the world with their plant-based meats. They just launched their products in the Asian market in 2018 but have been introduced in the menu of more than 150 famous restaurants in the country.

7 must-do things to fulfill your trip in Hong Kong

In 2019, they launched a new product, Imposible Hamburger 2.0, which was judged to be better and more meaty. You can experience this "one-of-a-kind" dish at Castelo Concepts, one of the few groups behind restaurants serving Imposible Hamburger 2.0.

5. Visit Mashi no Mashi - The first wagyu tsukemen restaurant in Hong Kong

Just like going to Japan without visiting Ichiran Ramen for a meal, it would be a pity to miss Mashi no Mashi when coming to Hong Kong.

Although the price is quite high, over $100 for a bowl of noodles, to enjoy the thin sautéed meat melted like warm butter on your tongue is well worth it. If I have to treat myself to a wonderful meal, then surely the destination is Mashi no Mashi.

7 must-do things to fulfill your trip in Hong Kong

Address: Shop 1B, G / F, Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

6. Visit West Kowloon - the largest cultural works in Hong Kong

The West Kowloon Cultural Park is the largest cultural project in Hong Kong so far and has finally opened its first area in 2018. It is a vibrant new cultural neighborhood located along the Hong Kong harbor. No wonder this eye-catching area catches the eye of first-time visitors.

7 must-do things to fulfill your trip in Hong Kong

The Xiqu Theater Center was the first main building. It has the Opera House and small tea rooms. They also maintain, practice and perform traditional Cantonese Opera here. The largest museum of modern and contemporary M+ is also expected to open soon.

Address: West Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

7. Participate in a Distric Race

This is not just a literal marathon. It's like Pokemon Go, or the Amazing Race, but instead of a fixed route, participants will be equipped with augmented reality and location technology to explore the city and collect points.

7 must-do things to fulfill your trip in Hong Kong

Players can work together to bypass virtual checkpoints and maximize their score. This can be considered as a healthy and enjoyable entertainment way to explore Hong Kong.

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