7 most magnificent flower fields in the world

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The following fields of tulips, lavenders, sunflowers... will make you feel like walking in the paradise.

Nature always has a strange attraction. And a trip to the immense field of blooming flowers is always an unforgettable memory for those who love nature.

Let's see the paradises of flowers around the world to feel the endless beauty of nature.

7 most magnificent flower fields in the world

Keukenhof tulip garden in Lisse, Netherlands

7 most magnificent flower fields in the world

From March to May every year, the Keukenhof flower garden in Lisse (Netherlands) is filled with colorful tulips, attracting any tourist visiting this country.

This is considered the largest tulip garden in the world with 4.5 million Dutch tulips on an area of over 300,000 square meters.

Seen from above, the tulip fields look like a giant rug made from many small pieces of fabric with many colors. It seems that all possible colors on an artist’s palette are present in these flower fields.

The best way to admire the flower fields is from a helicopter. However, you can also walk, or bike to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the passionate fragrance of the flowers.

Bluebonnet fields in Texas, USA

7 most magnificent flower fields in the world

Texas, the second largest state among the 50 states of the United States, possesses bluebonnet fields stretching as far as the eye can see.

From late March to April, it is the time when the bluebonnet fields become most brilliant. To see this beautiful flower, drive around Hill County in central Texas - where highways cross through the fields.

Farms in Texas are also covered with bluebonnets and there is even a street named after this romantic flower.

Lavender fields in Provence, France

7 most magnificent flower fields in the world

Provence is a peaceful, poetic land in the southeast of France, on the Mediterranean coast. It is considered the capital of lavender, the flower symbolizing what is quintessential, natural and fresh in France.

The fields in the Provence region are filled with a charming purple color as the scent of lavender runs all the way to the horizon.

The best time to visit Provence is in the summer, from early July to the end of August. That's when the lavender blooms. The enchanting scent of lavender can last for a few months, as an unforgettable memory of the peaceful Provence land.

Sunflower fields in Tuscany, Italy

7 most magnificent flower fields in the world

One of the scenes that makes people feel most peaceful is the sight of sunflowers spreading like a carpet of bright sunlight on a hillside. And nowhere else has sunflowers as beautiful as in Tuscany, Italy.

The sunflower fields in Italy are wide and eye-catching, and you can see flowers blooming on the horizon.

Campanula blue in Forest of Dean, England

7 most magnificent flower fields in the world

Campanula blue flowers are found throughout the European forests, but nowhere near as spectacular as the UK. With its purple color and distinctive scent, this wild flower is on the list of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

The Forest of Dean, bordering Wales, has a charming, unique beauty with fields of Campanula blue flowers.

The flowers are in full bloom in the last week of April and last until the first week of May. This flower occupies a large area under the lush green oak trees.

Nemophila flower fields on Honshu island, Japan

7 most magnificent flower fields in the world

Hitachi Park near the Ajigaura coast, on Honshu Island, Japan is a very attractive destination for all visitors, especially for flower lovers.

The Nemophila flower is about 25cm tall, colored from green to purple. From April to May every year, millions of lovely blue-white Nemophila flowers bloom on the hillsides of Hitachi Park creating a vast blue sea, like a bridge between the sky and the ground.

Mount Rainier National Park, USA

7 most magnificent flower fields in the world

Mount Rainier National Park, located southeast of Seattle, Washington, is an attractive eco-tourist destination of the United States.

This national park is known as a wonderland famous for its endless wild flowers.

The carpet of white wildflowers with blue or purple rose myrtles, dark yellow narcissuses... all create a picturesque scene.

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