7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

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They not only shine in the sun, but also brighten the night with their colorful wings.

With about 175,000 species, distributed largely in the tropics, butterflies are one of the most diverse insect groups in the world. All butterflies go through the same life cycle, from egg to caterpillar, pupa and adult. Let's take a look at these 7 kinds of butterfly that are considered the most beautiful in the world.

1. Monarch butterfly

Every year, in the fir forest of the National Butterfly Center, millions of Monarch butterflies fly thousands of kilometers to come here to overwinter. The beauty of this migration has attracted the curiosity of those who love nature and tourists all over the world.

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

Hundreds of fir trees spreading over an area of ​​13,000 hectares at the Conservation Center are covered by Monarch butterflies.

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

However, according to scientists, the number of the rare Monarch butterflies has been significantly reduced in recent years and one of the reasons for this is the impact of climate change.

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2. Peacock butterfly

Peacock butterfly is one of the most eye-catching creatures in the UK. In the summer, one can see them drinking nectar in many gardens throughout parks, but in the winter, they completely disappear.

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

With a special body structure consisting of several layers of thin colorful wings stacked together, these butterflies are brilliant and luminescent in the sun.

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

3. Emperor butterfly

Emperor butterflies are among the largest in the butterfly family. They are found quite a lot in continental Europe and northern Asia. Their iridescent wings of deep purple hues mixed with white spots make it difficult to confuse them with other butterflies.

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

The interesting point here is that theire is an distinctly difference in colors between the males and females; the males put on colorful purple suits while the females have beautiful red brown wings.

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

4. High brown fritillary

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

Unlike other butterflies, the high brown fritillaries prefer to live in low, near-ground areas, so they often lay eggs in dead ferns or on rocks beneath limestones. Raspberries and thistles are the favorite source of nectar of these fritillaries .

5. Large blue butterfly

Summer is the time when the Large blue butterflies start laying eggs on thyme flowers. After hatching, the caterpillars fall to the ground, where they are taken care of by ants until they mature.

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

When they fall to the ground, they secret a special subtance that make ants think they are ant larvae. That's why they are raised by ants for 10 months until their adulthood.

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6. White cabbage butterfly

White cabbage butterflies or white butterflies are harmless and popular butterflies living in flower gardens. However, their caterpillars are the ones who ruin the crops, especially in cabbage farms. The name of these butterflies also comes from here.

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

Carrying unpleasant chemicals, the caterpillars are not eaten by birds. However, wasps is their pure enemies. Laying their eggs in caterpillars; wasps are considered biological agents that protect crops.

7. Marbled white butterfly

7 Most beautiful butterflies on the planet

Marbled white is a black-and-white butterfly that stands out prominently thanks to their wings looking like a piece of marble. It is difficult to confuse them with other butterflies throughout the British islands. Flower meadows are the favorite place of these butterflies. They are widely distributed in Europe, South and East England.

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