7 Habits that cause the brain to age and brain atrophy quickly

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Many people, even young, but their memory has deteriorated, there is a manifestation of brain aging that is caused by harmful habits.

The brain is the earliest aging part of the body, possibly starting to age from age 20. Aging of the brain is a natural law that no one can avoid. However, some young people now have signs of brain aging. This is because an unhealthy lifestyle every day speeds up the aging of the brain.

7 Habits that cause the brain to age and brain atrophy quickly

Which habits easily cause rapid brain aging?

1. Too dependent on electronic products

As they say: The more you use your brain, the more intelligent you are, which means the less you use your brain, the faster you age. With the popularity of smartphones and computers, we increasingly prefer to rely on these electronic products, every day we can't leave them, everything is copied and pasted, surfing the face, reading comments. , watching movies, reading novels, ... using less brain to think, this over time will accelerate the aging of the brain.

2. Smoking

When smoking, the nicotine in cigarettes can reach the brain within 10 seconds after inhaling and staying active for 20-40 minutes. Smoking for a long time will damage blood vessel walls, promote arteriosclerosis, lead to insufficient brain blood supply, enough oxygen, make neurons sick, impair logical thinking and Increase brain aging speed. Studies have shown that smoking for many years is more likely to cause brain tissue atrophy and to develop dementia later in life.

7 Habits that cause the brain to age and brain atrophy quickly

3. Drinking alcohol

Many scientific studies show that alcohol abuse can lead to many health and mental problems, including memory impairment. Alcoholism can lead to poor memory or temporary memory loss because alcohol absorbed into the body prevents oxygen from circulating to the brain, especially in areas where alcohol is present. Over time, this condition can cause negative effects on the entire central nervous system.

4. Regularly overeating

If you eat too much, a large number of precursor factors called "fibroblasts" will be created in the brain, increasing fat cells and capillary endothelial cells, accelerating arteriosclerosis. Brain. Insufficient brain blood supply, leading to brain atrophy and degeneration of brain function, will eventually lead to dementia, thereby shortening the life span of the brain.

7 Habits that cause the brain to age and brain atrophy quickly

5. No breakfast

According to a Chinese newspaper, comparing children from 6 Asian countries shows that children with breakfast will develop brain and good academic performance, those who do not eat breakfast have poor concentration ability and slow response. If skipped breakfast for a long time, the child's brain will shrink, even if a healthy diet later can not recover. Therefore, a balanced breakfast is very important.

6. Constantly staying up late

Abnormal lifestyle affects the circadian clock, normal metabolism in the body and disrupted brain function. Staying up late puts the brain in a state of excitement and the delay in rest makes the brain not fully repaired and damaged to the brain's neurons. Studies have shown that long-term sleep deprivation can lead to reduced memory and lower IQ.

In a similar way, insomnia will also accelerate brain aging. Sleep is a very important activity in human physiology. Not getting enough sleep not only prevents your body from recovering from fatigue, but also reduces the secretion of some hormones in the brain, disrupting the balance of the environment inside the brain, leading to reduced concentration. and the ability to think.

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