7 Good habits to help skin no longer dry and cracked in the winter

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In addition to replenishing the skin's essential moisture with moisturizers, you should also make changes to your diet and eliminate silent habits that cause dry skin.

In the winter, the skin is usually dry and flaky. You should use products that are gentle, cause less dryness and have a better moisturizing ability.

Dry weather, low humidity in the winter makes the skin prone to allergies, peeling, wrinkled. To improve this situation, you need to build yourself a reasonable skin care process. Here are 7 good and essential habits to help keep skin healthier and smoother in the winter.

7 Good habits to help skin no longer dry and cracked in the winter

Good habits help smooth skin in the winter

1. Avoid using soap in the winter

Soaps often have strong antiseptic properties so they often remove natural oils on the skin surface, which protects the skin from dehydration. If you use soap many times a day, it will gradually lose the natural skin barrier causing dry, chapped skin.

Health experts recommend that only use soap to clean areas that need to be cleaned, such as limbs ... with other skin areas you should invest in specialized products.

2. Do not take hot baths

Bathing in hot water causes skin to lose moisture, losing natural oils that aggravate dry skin. Only use warm enough water and shower for a short time, if prolonged bath time will make the sebum protect the skin and cause rapid skin aging.

7 Good habits to help skin no longer dry and cracked in the winter

3. Do not take a long bath

The best time for bathing each time is 5-10 minutes in the bath or shower. Many people think that a long bath will provide moisture to the skin but in the winter, a long soak in the hot water will expand the pores.

While it has a good cleansing effect, it also cleanses the skin of the natural oils that make the skin drier.

In addition, soaking the skin for too long under hot water also reduces blood vessels, causing blood under the skin to lack oxygen, oxygen, become more dry than usual.

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4. Moisturize the skin

If the dry winter climate doesn't provide your skin with the moisture it needs, to fix this, moisturize yourself with the right creams.

The most effective time to apply moisturizer to your skin is after the shower, the most suitable cream for the winter season should have ceramide.

7 Good habits to help skin no longer dry and cracked in the winter

This is a natural component in the outermost layer of the skin's keratin, plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin and protecting the skin against aging, while protecting collagen, elastin, and internal moisture ...

Moisturizing skin also helps prevent skin itchiness due to weather. According to research by Brown University, the United States normal skin releases organic acids that soften, increase elasticity against the penetration of bacteria, dirt. When it is cold the skin does not sweat and organic acids, causing itching and burning symptoms.

5. Drink enough water

In winter, the evaporation of water on the skin surface is faster and stronger, to limit this you need to replenish water regularly.

6. Nutritional supplements

Giving your skin good food is always a good idea, especially during the cold winter. In addition to names familiar to women such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. Experts say vitamin B is important in helping the skin to be healthy, restore dry, dull skin. . This vitamin is very common in foods such as turkey, tuna, cereals, beans, bananas ...

7 Good habits to help skin no longer dry and cracked in the winter

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In addition, excessive drinking also causes the body to lose large amounts of vitamin B, and make the skin worse.

7. Wear protective gear

In the winter outside clothes, we need to bring some protective items such as hats and face cloths, gloves, ... to avoid direct skin contact with cold, dry environment.

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