7 fun games to help improve your memory and decision making skills

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Our brains need exercise, just like our muscles. Here are some exercises to improve your memory, keep your mind clear and help you solve problems quickly.

The famous psychiatrist Jason Suran in the United States has shared the following exercises you can start practicing to help keep your mind sharp, strengthen your memory and decisiveness.

7 fun brain exercises to help enhance your memory and skills

1. Write or draw with your non-dominant hand

7 fun games to help improve your memory and decision making skills

Studies have shown that forcing yourself to perform tasks with your non-dominant hand is one of the simplest ways to improve awareness. This forces the brain to solve a familiar problem in a new way, strengthening existing nerve connections and forming new ones.

Also, this does not mean to turn yourselves into a left-handed person, but only emphasizes the enhancement of the activity of the left side, promoting the development of the mind. First, move your left fingers, one by one, do it over and over until you're good at it. The second step, use it to draw, paint and write. The third step is to do with your left hand the previous work that only your right hand can do until mastering it. 

2. Play with Rubik's cube

Although a bit classic, Rubik is one of the most popular tools for brain training.

Learning how to solve Rubik has proven to be psychologically valuable through actively developing problem-solving skills, spatial awareness and mental coordination.

3. Familiarize yourself with memory techniques

Most people think that good memory is something you have at birth, but actually it is always changing and can improve.

Learning the link memorization system helps us to improve this ability. Psychiatrist Jason Suran recommends that we start with The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas.

7 fun games to help improve your memory and decision making skills

4. Try to detect lies

There is nothing better than Paul Ekman's work if you want to learn about non-verbal behavior and communication.

Therefore, please read about his research. Or more simply, look for media tests to find out if others are lying.

5. Meditation

Research has shown that just 15 minutes of meditation a day can improve many things from your motor skills to your immune system.

Meditation plays a huge role in mental health and was an integral part of Jason Suran's show. The magician reveals that we should begin with Dan Harris's book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics to better understand meditation.

6. Play cards

Playing cards may not be a skill you need, but there is no harm in knowing how to play. In addition to improving memory and concentration, playing cards is a great way to practice calculating and getting the mind accustomed to working under pressure.

7 fun games to help improve your memory and decision making skills

7. Learn foreign languages

Jason Suran says there are many new research saying that learning new languages ​​at any age that can raise awareness and improve decision-making. Studies show that regardless of your age, learning a foreign language has many benefits, including increasing your ability to focus.

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