7 Facial Exercises To Achieve A Slimmer Face

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It's true that beauty can be defined by the eyes, lips or nose on a person. However, there still are people want to achieve those perfect cheekbones and get rid of that double chins. Today is your lucky day as we will walk you through how to get a slimmer face with these 7 facial exercises.

#1. Jaw movements

7 Facial Exercises To Achieve A Slimmer Face

While sitting straight, make your lower jaw drop down as much as possible. Next step is to jut out the lower jaw, to build tension in the cheeks near the ear area. Feel the tension for about ten seconds before relaxing the jaw, and bringing it inwards.

Repeat this exercise ten times.

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#2. Smile says it all

7 Facial Exercises To Achieve A Slimmer Face

Smiling can also prove to be an excellent exercise for your face. All you need to do is smile widely with your mouth closed. Remember, the lips should not be parted. After holding the smile for ten seconds, bring your face back to the relaxed position.

Doing this exercise everyday will not only uplift the structure of your face, but will definitely lift your mood as well.

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#3. Xs and Os

7 Facial Exercises To Achieve A Slimmer Face

This is a great exercise to burn the fat from your cheeks. All you need to do is to make exaggerated motions using the facial muscles while pronouncing the letters X and O alternately.

Doing this exercise ten times every day will help strengthen the muscles as well.

#4. Tongue movement

7 Facial Exercises To Achieve A Slimmer Face

A good way to work on the muscles below the apple of your cheeks is to do this exercise. It involves sticking the tongue out and stretching it as if you were trying to touch the chin. Hold this pose for ten seconds, and feel the tension in your muscles.

Repeat this ten times.

#5. Cheek lifts

7 Facial Exercises To Achieve A Slimmer Face

You must do this exercise in case you want to work on the upper muscles of your cheeks. It will give your face a leaner look as well. Firstly, pull the cheeks upwards towards the eyes without making any change in the position of your lips. The second step is to push the cheeks up from below while raising the corners of the lips.

Repeat this exercise ten times to get best results.

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#6. Fishy (Pout) face 

7 Facial Exercises To Achieve A Slimmer Face

To work on all the areas of the cheek simultaneously, making the fishy face is the best option for you. All you need to do is purse your lips while sucking in your cheeks to resemble the fish face. While in this position, try to push the outer corners of your lips up into a smile. Hold this position for ten seconds and relax for a while.

This exercise will not only be beneficial for cheeks, but also for your jaw.

#7. Puffy face

7 Facial Exercises To Achieve A Slimmer Face

Give the muscles of the upper and middle portion of your cheeks a good workout by performing this exercise. With your lips closed, puff your cheeks with air. Alternately move this air from one cheek to the other while holding the air in each cheek for five seconds.

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