7 Complete protein is very good for human health

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We've all heard a lot about protein - on ads, on product labels, at the gym, ... Most people think meat is the best source of protein.

Sure, meat contains a lot of protein. But other foods (including plants) are also rich in complete protein. One of them will surprise you.

You may have heard phrases like "complete protein" or "high quality protein" elsewhere. They both mean: Amino acids make up proteins and humans need amino acids to make proteins in the body, similar to hormones and enzymes.

The body can make some amino acids on its own, but 9 of them must be absorbed through food - they are also known as essential amino acids.

7 Complete protein is very good for human health

A complete protein consists of all 9 essential amino acids in sufficient amounts. Foods with complete protein are also known as "high quality" protein foods. Incomplete proteins are proteins that lack 1 or more of the essential amino acids and are usually sourced from plants.

However, they still provide what the body needs. In the past, it was often thought that a variety of incomplete proteins had to be eaten in one meal, such as beans and rice, in order to make complete protein. But for now, just eating a variety of protein foods throughout the day is enough.

When it comes to "complete" and "high quality" protein, people often choose meat first. But that's not your only option. Here are the 7 non-meat protein foods you need.

Foods high in protein are good for health

1, Quinoa (quinoa seeds)

Half a cup of quinoa contains 4 grams of complete protein and is also a good source of fiber (and gluten-free - the protein causes many health problems). Quinoa has a mild, slightly fatty taste, and you can use it as a snack or breakfast cereal.

2, Eggs

Although many people usually only pay attention to the whites, the egg yolks also contain protein (of the 7 grams of protein of an egg, 4g comes from the white and 3g comes from the yolk). Egg yolks also contain nutrients and compounds that the whites do not have - for example, lutein, an antioxidant.

7 Complete protein is very good for human health

3, Soybeans

Whether it's baby soybeans, soy milk or tofu, soybeans are a source of high-quality protein.

To take full advantage of the health benefits of soybeans, it is recommended to choose whole foods (immature soybeans, whole soybeans or tofu) over processed foods. such as frozen burgers, soy bars and other packaged products.

4, Pistachios

A recent analysis has shown that roasted pistachios actually contain all the essential amino acids. 1 ounce (28 grams) of tree seeds has about 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.

7 Complete protein is very good for human health

5, Milk

The two proteins found in milk (whey and casein) are complete proteins. In fact, in an analysis of protein quality, milk ranked even higher than beef.

Whether you use whole milk or fat-free milk, the protein content is almost the same (about 8 grams per cup). One cup of yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, contains even more.

6, Buckwheat

This gluten-free grain is a complete protein. In one study, it was shown that buckwheat felt fuller longer than rice or wheat. You should add buckwheat seeds to salads or toasted with buckwheat flour.

7 Complete protein is very good for human health

7, Fish

Fish is an excellent source of lean meat and protein. Although salmon is considered a fatty fish (oily fish), this fat has cardiovascular protective effects and is very good for the brain. 4 ounces (approximately 113.40 grams) tilapia or salmon fillets contain more than 20 grams of protein. People think meat is the best source of protein.

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