7 best simple but interesting trekking routes in the world

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The high mountains are always the target of adventurous travelers. However, many peaks are easier to climb than what they seems.

The simple routes below will be suitable for those who just started trekking or those who just want to experience a little feeling of trekking.

7 most suitable trekking routes for newbies

Mount Kosciuszko, Australia

This mountain peak is 2,228m above sea level. Compared to mountains in Europe or Central Asia, Kosciuszko is just a dwarf. However, this is the highest peak in the entire Australian continent. Unexpectedly, you can easily climb to the top of this mountain without any climbing experience.

7 best simple but interesting trekking routes in the world

A cable car will take you halfway up the mountain. From here your simple trekking will just begin. You just have to follow the slopes which are not too harsh to climb. The total time for the tour to conquer the "roof of Australia" is about 4 hours.

Half Dome Mountain, USA

Located in a paradise area for hikers, Yosemite National Park, the peak of Half Dome has a height of 2,694m. To be able to climb this simple trekking course, you do not need any specialized equipment.

7 best simple but interesting trekking routes in the world

However, a good physical foundation and some experience is required. Because this trip has a total distance of up to 27 km. Along the journey there will also be challenging climbing sections. However, you will be compensated by the beautiful scenery of forests, lakes, and waterfalls along the way.

Ben Macdui, Scotland

With a height of 1,309m, Ben Macdui is the 2nd highest peak in the United Kingdom. The mountain is located at the center of Cairngorms - an area with extremely beautiful landscapes with silver mountains interspersed among smooth green valleys.

7 best simple but interesting trekking routes in the world

To conquer this peak, you must cross a wilderness area with quite erratic weather. However, in general, this 17km long trekking road is still relatively easy for everyone.

Mount Meru, Tanzania

Referring to Tanzania is to talk about Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest mountain. Every year a lot of people flock here to conquer and also a lot of people fail to return.

Their mistake was to be subjective before the gentle roads leading to the peak of nearly 6,000m. As a result, the lack of physical preparation and necessary supplies defeated them.

7 best simple but interesting trekking routes in the world

Even in Tanzania, there is another mountain much more pleasant for you to conquer. That is the peak of Meru, 4,566 meters high - the fifth in Africa. Conquering this simple trekking palace can also be a springboard to help you prepare the best for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Not only that, you also admire the lovely scenery along the way, with the opportunity to encounter giraffes and water buffaloes in their natural habitat.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Along with Mount Everest, Fuji is probably the most famous peak in the world. This gently sloping mountain gradually rises to a height of 4,000 meters, taking over a corner of Tokyo, Japan.

Fuji is one of the mountains that attracts the most tourists to conquer. Surprisingly, despite the majestic appearance, such elves, climbing Mount Fuji is not difficult at all.

7 best simple but interesting trekking routes in the world

Along the way there is no terrain that is too difficult to conquer. Therefore, you can completely plan to conquer Fuji in one day.

Tofana di Rozes mountain peak, Italy

Want to experience the feeling of being a rock climber without facing danger? Tofana di Rozes mountain peak is the ideal destination for you. Climbing this mountain in northern Italy will take you 5 hours. However, 4 hours of it will be a walk where you can attach yourself to the rope surrounding the rock. So whether you are shy or afraid of heights, you can still easily move on without falling down.

7 best simple but interesting trekking routes in the world

The journey to conquer Tofana di Rozes is safe, but it is still a health challenge. In addition, those who fear height will have to overcome themselves to be able to complete the trip.

Pikes Peak, USA

This 4,267m high mountain is one of the symbols of the state of Colorado. Want to conquer it? There is good news and bad news for you. The sad news is that it is a real challenge. You will have to overcome the 22km long journey, with the difference in height of up to 2,250m.

7 best simple but interesting trekking routes in the world

The good news, though, is that there won't be any complex terrain that requires a lot of experience to get through. Moreover, there are... roads leading to the top of the mountain. So, you totally can ask a friend to drive to the top and wait there for you, and give you a drive later.

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