7 Best Places in the world to see flowers

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What's the more wonderful feeling than when standing in front of a tulip garden or the garden of millions of roses. The beautiful flower gardens and the most fascinating are lying where, discover them so as not to miss the chance to see your flowers.

Spring or winter is best to go see the Flowers you love, take a look at the list of cities below to see when you should go to get the best experience.

1. Jacaranda Trees, Pretoria

7 Best Places in the world to see flowers
Source: SA People

  Every year, from the end of Sept. 9 to Nov, the Jacaranda tree blooms in South Africa. These beautiful trees are particularly abundant in Pretoria and Johannesburg, making the cities dazzling.  

The term ' Jacaranda ' is said to be ' fragrant ' in a native South American dialect, and the trees are known for its purple flowers. This must be said, some species boast gorgeous white petals, although they are more rare in South Africa. Find these white wonders on Herbert Baker Street in Groenkloof, Pretoria.  

When to visit: End of Sept. From Nov. 11.  

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2. California Poppies, Antelope Valley

7 Best Places in the world to see flowers
Source: Tory Burch

  These spiritual liberal wildflowers from extensive carpet of yellow sunshine and orange over seven miles of walking trail in Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, California. The poppy, whose origin is from California, is the state's official flower, and it is rich throughout the coastal and inland landscape that the first Spanish settlers named California ' Land of Fire '.  

You will often see the sea-only street decorations and shop façade, and have an annual Poppy, California day to celebrate its cultural significance on April 6. The symbolic significance of the poppy tree was exhibited on the pond on May 5, 2018 at the Royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex-it can be embroidered into the wedding curtain of Meghan to recognize her California heritage.  

When to visit: early April.

3. Wisteria Canopies, Japan

7 Best Places in the world to see flowers
Source: Garden lovers club

  The cherry blossom scene is not the only place to go to Japan. Some of the country's parks are where the trees and tunnels look out over this world during the peak blooming period.  

The Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi stands out for the most impressive wisteria tree in Japan. The 150-year-old giant tree branches are spreading to create a giant flower umbrella. In the evening, Great Wisteria looks even more magical when they all glow in purple.  

Japan's largest wisteria park is also 350 trees and a 80-meter-long tunnel made of white wisteria flowers.  

When to arrive: between 4 months-between 5 months

4. Hydrangeas in the Azores, Portugal

7 Best Places in the world to see flowers
Source: Traveland + Leisure.

  The soil here has high acidity which allows hydrangea flowers to develop high pigment leaves. They also return stronger every year and in more places. For Faial, it means that the flowers grow on the side of the road, on the field and along the hills. Quite a lot of places where hydrangeas can grow will become deep blue every summer.  

When to visit: The peak blooms appear on the islands in late 7 months and early 8 months, so please plan your trip. The Semano do Mar (02-Aug 09, this year) is a weeklong celebration of sailing on the island and tends to add more festivities to the annual flowers. During this time, locals can add blue accents to their homes, gardens, and businesses to make the colors even more visible.

5. Lavender fields in Provence

7 Best Places in the world to see flowers
Source: Paris City Vision

  Lavender blossomed in Provence between the end of March 6 and early 8 months. When a specific lavender field reaches the peak colors depends on the altitude and weather conditions. The higher the Lavender field, the more blooming the flowers. And don't worry, you can walk happily between lavender, no snake!  

In Provence are full of farms and lavender distilleries and the majority welcome you to visit their fields. A lot of them sell their own lavender products such as essential oils, lotions, soap and bags.  

The easiest way to go around and find all the most beautiful lavender fields is by car. We rented one at the Marseille airport. If you take the train, you can see the hiring of a car from Aix en Provence or Manosque.

6. Tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands

7 Best Places in the world to see flowers
Source: Accidental Trippers

  There are many places in the world to enjoy the blooming tulips, but virtually no place can compete with the Dutch tulip fields. The vast tapestry of yellow, red, orange and pink make it staggering.  

Strolling in the rural areas is the best and perhaps the most exciting way to be surprised by blooming flowers. The Noordoostpolder area is home to most tulip farms in the country. In addition, the Keukenhof, one of the largest flower gardens in the world, is a place not to be missed. In the spring, over 7 million different flower bulbs bloom in this garden are located in Lisse. In the Netherlands, billions of tulip bulbs are planted in more than 28.6 acres (11.6 ha) per year.  

When to visit: Mid-April-the first week of May. Flowers Bloom several weeks, however, last April is the best time to go.  

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7. Washington'S Cherry Blossom

7 Best Places in the world to see flowers
Source: Jetferer

  The Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual event, full city in Washington, D.C. In spring with over 200 international cultural performances and more than 90 other special events.  

When to visit: The cherry blossoms of Washington usually reach a great midweek last 3 months and the first week of May 4, but warmer or cooler temperatures can lead to earlier than normal flowers (Mar. 15, 1990) and later than normal flowers (day 18 Apr 1958).  

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