7 best-designed Starbucks coffee shops in the world

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With nearly 30,000 locations worldwide, you've probably set foot in one or two Starbucks cafes . Do you think Starbucks is the same everywhere? You are wrong.

Design is a key factor in every Starbucks coffee shop, whether it's downtown Seattle or in Casablanca, Morocco. Increasingly, the company blends elements of craftsmanship, culture, history and local traditions to give each location a unique feel.

Let's visit one of the world's most beautiful Starbucks cafes below to see how you are cherished by the designers.

7 most beautiful Stabucks cafes in the world

1. Starbucks coffee shop in Kyoto, Japan

Located inside a 100-year-old building, Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya became the first traditional Japanese-style Starbucks store in June 2018.

7 best-designed Starbucks coffee shops in the world

Pull the curtains back and enter the peaceful oasis, pick up a stool at the bar counter, or take off your shoes and relax on the silk cushions in one of the three tatami rooms.

2. Starbucks coffee shop in Bali, Indonesia

Southeast Asia's largest Starbucks coffee shop, Dewata Coffee Sanctuary, offers luxurious perks like valet parking and concierge services. The building itself combines modern construction techniques with traditional Balinese architecture, a strangely perfect "marriage". Inside, you will find Arabica coffee trees, harvested for seasonal use. This is the first coffee nursery in the chain of Starbucks stores.

7 best-designed Starbucks coffee shops in the world

Customers can watch how the coffee is made in a digitally installed greenhouse.

3. Starbucks coffee shop in Istanbul, Turkey

A one-of-a-kind view is what happens in the three-story Starbucks store in Istanbul's Kadiköy neighborhood: Sit on the rooftop and watch ferries cross the Bosphorus.

7 best-designed Starbucks coffee shops in the world

The nautical theme is conveyed throughout the store, incorporating local marble, terrazzo floors and iroko wood.

4. Coffee shop Starbucks in Alajuela, Costa Rica

If you've ever wondered where your coffee comes from, book a tour at Hacienda Alsacia, Starbucks' only active coffee farm, on the Poás volcano slopes of Costa Rica.

7 best-designed Starbucks coffee shops in the world

You will track the coffee bean's journey from soil to cup, inspect seedlings, pick coffee berries and see if they are ground, dried, and roasted. End the tour with a unique tasting experience with a freshly brewed coffee. The focus is on research and education - the beans grown and harvested here are sold only in this Starbucks campus.

Even if you're not a coffee lover, Hacienda has a breathtaking view of the nearby mountainside and waterfall.

5. Starbucks coffee shop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is a place that should be on the list when traveling to Dubai. This Starbucks coffee shop is located in Dubai's luxurious Ibn Battuta mall, where each building represents an area the legendary explorer has visited. Above the cafe, the dome-shaped ceiling is roofed with spectacular Persian tiles and is accented by a splendid chandelier.

7 best-designed Starbucks coffee shops in the world

6. Starbucks coffee shop in Prague, Czech Republic

Order a latte and step into a fairy tale at the Starbucks at Prague Castle, one of the largest in the world. Reserve a seat on the stone terrace of the three-story building and enjoy a stunning view of the historic city's green arches and red-tiled roofs.

7 best-designed Starbucks coffee shops in the world

7. Starbucks Coffee Shop in New York, USA

Opened in December 2018, this Starbucks "coffee factory" spans over 2,137 hectares in the trendy Meatpacking district of Manhattan. Two coffee bars offer a total of 7 blends: pour-over, Chemex, filter, siphon (pressurized coffee), espresso, Clover and cold brew - plus special drinks like sparkling citrus coffee toothpick, nitro cold coffee and cardamom coffee.

7 best-designed Starbucks coffee shops in the world

Arriviamo Bar offers handcrafted tea and coffees cocktails like Nocino Notte - made with cold latte, gin brewed in barrels and black truffle salt, while fresh bread, pizza, focaccia, pastries and plenty others are available at the Princi store.

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