6 weekend markets to visit and shop in London

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London has many places to go and many things to do. But the best places to enjoy many things at once are the London's weekend markets.

It is often said that the city of London is a place steeped in history. Therefore, before coming here, the image of the British capital is subconsciously associated with the poetic Thames river, or the majestic Buckingham palace, the towering Big Ben tower... However, in reality, London is not only a famous tourist destination with monumental landmarks but also contains many simple things. In particular, the weekend markets in London are the bustling, vibrant places for you to spend your money.

6 best weekend markets to experience London

Old Spitalfields

There is a weekend market in London that is very popular in East London, it is Old Spitalfields. This market has been around for nearly 350 years, with more than 88 shops selling handmade jewelry and clothing. Therefore, just walking around the market on Sunday, you can freely choose for yourself and your friends very cute gifts such as a map of England or a lovely Dreamcatcher.

6 weekend markets to visit and shop in London

In addition, in this bustling weekend market, there are also countless food stalls for visitors to experience British cuisine in a rustic way. And Neapolitan Pizza or Turkish dumplings are two of the dishes you should definitely try when coming here.

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, Spitalfields, London E1 6EW, UK

Brick Lane

Like Old Spitalfields, Brick Lane Market (also known as Ngo Gach Market) only meets on Sundays every week. Coming here, you will feel like watching movies from the previous centuries because the space around Brick Lane is filled with Vintage colors.

6 weekend markets to visit and shop in London

On a few small streets in the Brick Land market area, you will find golden roofs, no shortage of anything from household items, old appliances to old clothes, shoes, classic style. In addition, some stalls here also sell spices as well as traditional Saris from India. And all the items here are very affordable prices, you can even bargain to buy cheaper.

Address: Brick Lane, Spitalfields, London, England, E1 6QR, United Kingdom

Vintage Market

Located in the famous Brick Lane market, Vintage Market is only held on weekends and is a paradise for true vintage believers.

The market offers a lot of unique shirts, Marilyn Monroe-style pencil skirts... Items that no one looks at,new or old, trendy or outdated. Most things are vintage here - there are items designed in the 1920s.

6 weekend markets to visit and shop in London

And if you are a fan of European movies and music, a passion for young ladies riding horses, poems in renaissance literature, then the Vintage Market in London is the paradise for you. But be careful, you are easy to lose your pocket because the vintage dresses are full of era colors, full of inspiration and spiritual richness here.

Address: 85 Brick Lane, Shadwell, London, England, E1 6QL, United Kingdom

Backyard Market

Open on Saturdays and Sundays, Backyard Market is an ideal shopping paradise for you on the weekend. However, this market is also easy to make you burn out because of the lovely items sold in 80 spacious and eye-catching stalls.

6 weekend markets to visit and shop in London

Especially, since 2006, Backyard market has dedicated a separate area to display and sell local handicraft products for visitors to visit, admire or buy as gifts.

Address: 146 Brick Lane, London, England, E1 6QL, United Kingdom

Camden Lock

Camden Lock is one of the largest weekend markets in London, England with over 100 different stalls and shops. Here, you will easily find any items from famous designer clothes to casual gothic style costumes or accessories such as bags, shoes, jewelry…

6 weekend markets to visit and shop in London

In addition, Camden Market also has a multitude of essential household items or specialty dishes in the area to serve the eating needs of travelers who have tired knees and feet.

Address: Camden Lock Place, Camden Town, London, England, NW1 8AF, United Kingdom

Columbia Road Flower Market

If you love flowers, you can not help but visit Columbia Road Flower Market located in East London. The market is always brilliant with hundreds of different flowers on sale every Saturday and Sunday every week.

6 weekend markets to visit and shop in London

The stalls here sell many typical flowers of cold land, bonsai and young trees for you to buy and grow. In addition, you can find tropical plant seeds, tools and plant care fertilizers at this special market.

Address: Columbia Road, London, England, E2 7RG, United Kingdom

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