6 ways to keep your photos safe while traveling

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You are a person who loves photography and loves to travel, so on your trips, you often have a big collection of valuable photos. How to keep it safe?

Your memory card capacity is quite limited, not to mention, you are at risk of unfortunately losing the camera. So, remember, after each shot, save the photos to ensure that you do not lose the works you are passionate about.

Here are 6 good ways to save your photo collections.

How to keep your photo collections safe

Automatic backup

6 ways to keep your photos safe while traveling

Smartphones have a nifty feature that allows you to automatically back up, but this is not always enabled by default.

If you use an Apple device, you already have an iCloud account. In that case, simply click on Settings> Photos & Camera> iCloud Photo Library. Or you can use Google Photos, Dropbox or Mozy. OneDrive is also a great storage place if you use a Windows Mobile 10 (or Windows Phone) device, just launch the corresponding app, then go to Settings> Camera Upload.

By enabling these precautions, photos will be synced to the cloud library, but only when you are connected to the Internet. Some services will use mobile data, while others will wait until you connect to Wi-Fi, so check the settings in your app.

In addition, you should note the following two things:

First, you need enough space for regular backups and you will probably need to pay extra.

The second thing you need to keep in mind, is to encrypt your smartphone. It sounds quite complicated, but it really isn't. It simply means using password protection, tampering with your personal information and making the data unreadable. Because if someone keeps your device unlocked, they might steal your data and overwrite any backups you have saved.

Using a separate application to lock images can make you feel more secure like Photo Vault, Hide It Pro, Keep Safe ...

Use different types of memory cards

6 ways to keep your photos safe while traveling

This is one of the most economical ways to manage photos while traveling. By purchasing a number of memory cards with different capacities, you can easily categorize images for each stage of your trip on separate memory cards. However, using a separate memory card is not a backup solution, you will still have to have additional backups of your images in another way to protect against data loss.

It is recommended to prepare many types of memory cards with different capacities. Currently, high-end DSLR cameras often have dual memory card slots and users can configure them to automatically store or back up images to the memory card, not just for storing images as usual.

If your camera comes with a Wi-Fi connection then you might consider backing up your photos daily to a smartphone or tablet. If not possible use the Eyefi SD card with wireless image transfer capability and is compatible with most modern cameras.

Laptops and tablets

6 ways to keep your photos safe while traveling

This is the optimal solution to create multiple backups by making one more copy on the hard drive of the computer, tablet, or another copy on the external hard drive.

Many photographers even use up to two external hard drives for backup. In the event that a drive is lost or damaged, you will still have at least one other copy of your images to use.

One option for iPad users is to transfer an image to this device using the Camera Connection Kit or Lightning to read the SD card from the camera. However, with Android tablets this backup process will be different.

External backup device

6 ways to keep your photos safe while traveling

If investing in an external laptop or hard drive increases your costs, the next solution is to use an external portable backup device might be the best solution.

The devices are actually an external hard drive, but have CompactFlash and SD card reader slots for backing up photos and videos directly. Devices like Nexto DI or HyperDrive also have an extra LCD screen for image preview.

Social Network

6 ways to keep your photos safe while traveling

Upload photos to your personal website as a means of archiving. You can organize your photos by album with trip theme or by date. so it will be easier to find when needed. Saving photos on social media also has the advantage that you'll be reminded every year on the same day you upload it, which is also a way for you to refresh your memory of the trips.

Photo printing

6 ways to keep your photos safe while traveling

You spent a lot of time organizing photo folders on the USB and a year later, you may not find that USB anymore. This can be an issue with storing photos on an SD memory card, external storage device or even on the phone.

The best method to prevent loss of photos after vacation is to print them out. You can use your own printer if it supports high-quality photos or use an online printing service that is then sent directly to your home address. Simple and effective.

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