6 useful tips to clean up blurry eyeglasses effectively

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Your eyeglasses may be blurred and get scratched during your daily activities. What can you do to improve this situation?

It's not a big problem! With just a few simple tricks, you will knock away blurring in a minute.

6 tricks to keep your eyeglasses as clean as new

Wipe the fogged glasses with a soft cloth

6 useful tips to clean up blurry eyeglasses effectively

Eyeglasses have long been a powerful aid in helping people with myopia. In addition to helping to see clearly, stylish glasses are also an indispensable accessory of the grave.

However, after a period of time, the use of myopic lenses became blurred and dusty. No matter how careful you are, you cannot avoid this situation. At that time, myopia affects the vision. Even accidentally become items that make you look sloppy and "ugly".

To remove these stains, the easiest way is to use a soft cloth to wipe the glass. When buying near-sight glasses at the store, each glass box comes with a dedicated wipe. You should clean regularly to keep the glass surface bright and beautiful.

In fact, the glass surface is easy to get scratched by dust so absolutely do not use rough cloth to wipe. When you find that the glass cloth is dirty, use water and a gentle active ingredient to wash it. It is best to store carefully in the container to limit dust and keep towels clean!

Wash your eyeglasses a special cleaning solution

Special wipes and glass cleaning fluid are included in the cut-off lens. This solution comes in a spray form and is available at eyewear stores or drug stores. Its advantages are compact, convenient, effective "washing" glass fast and affordable.

However, in some cases this solution is out of stock, can not buy... You can clean the glass by "concocting" glass washing water. For example, you can wash with clean water or a few recipes from dishwashing liquid, alcohol, vinegar, alcohol...

6 useful tips to clean up blurry eyeglasses effectively

Wash blurred glasses with clean water

Water is an effective tool for removing stains. The glasses are blurred, the stain is small and easy to wash, you can wash them directly under the tap. Water flow will help remove all impurities dirt on the glass surface. After all, just wipe dry with a dedicated soft cloth.

Wash the scratched goggles with toothpaste
Toothpaste not only helps to clean the mouth but also cleans the frosted glass. This is an essential item for every home so it does not take much effort to find and buy.

To practice how to clean blurred vision, choose a smooth toothpaste. Absolutely do not use creams with small particles. Put a small amount of cream on both glasses, rub well and rinse with clean water. This method not only helps to blur but also helps the glass to be shiny and cover scratches.

6 useful tips to clean up blurry eyeglasses effectively

Clean your eyeglasses with soap / shower gel / dishwashing liquid

Wearing blurry glasses is unavoidable. In many cases, the lens is covered with grease or other deposits. In this case, using a mild detergent solution will help remove blemishes quickly.

In general, glass surfaces are very susceptible to erosion by chemicals that have strong detergents. So, you can use soapy water, dishwashing liquid, diluted shower gel... Gently dip the near-glass glasses into the solution and remove the glasses. Next, you get a clean soft cloth to dry the glass. Make sure the stain on the lenses completely disappears, even on the brighter side.

6 useful tips to clean up blurry eyeglasses effectively

Drinks such as alcohol, wine, beer... are excellent ingredients for you to clean your glasses effectively. The implementation is also extremely simple. You only need to add 3 teaspoons of alcohol (beer or wine) + a few drops of vinegar + some water to the bottle. For convenience, you can use a sprayer. Next, gently shake the flask to mix well.

Then, spray this mixture onto your glasses and wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth. Make sure that your glasses and dust are shiny as new every day.

In addition, you should take  eye exams every 6 months to control myopia. Or immediately see an eye if the glasses are clean but the vision is still blurry. Most likely you have increased myopia and this lens is no longer appropriate. Measuring eyes, wearing glasses at the right height will help ensure visibility and limit the risk of increased myopia.

6 useful tips to clean up blurry eyeglasses effectively

How to use eyeglasses so that the they do not get blurred?

In addition to being covered in dust, blurred glasses may be due to the wrong use of the glasses owner. To avoid the above situation, users should abide by some principles such as:

- Wear and take off glasses with 2 hands

Many people like to wear and remove glasses with one hand because they think that will be faster and more convenient. If you only do that a few times, the effect is not very clear. But repeating many times into a habit is very harmful to your glasses.

6 useful tips to clean up blurry eyeglasses effectively

When using one hand to wear and remove the glasses, it will easily cause the frame and the center of the glasses to shift. This reduces the life of the glasses and harms your eyes. So, get into the habit of putting on and taking off your glasses with both of your hands!

- Do not wipe the glasses with your clothes

Clothes are meant to be worn, not to wipe your glasses! Still, there are many friends who can use it to clean their glasses whenever and wherever. This is convenient, but the inevitable consequence is that the lenses are severely scratched.

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