6 unique cities in Canada that give you the feelings of Europe

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The following 6 unique cities in Canada will make you feel like as if you are traveling in one of the countries in Europe.

Spend an afternoon enjoying the cold gelato in the Italian garden, drive to the Oliver wine paradise, admire the ancient castles as you often see in Ireland... all the features of European countries are clearly represented in the 6 unique cities below of British Columbia, Canada.

6 unique cities in Canada that make you feel like Europe

Fort Langley

It is hard not to "fall in love" with this place, especially when you are a devotee of sweets. In particular, the rich and colorful designs of the shops in the neighborhood will make you feel like you are traveling to many countries around the world.

Into Chocolate Candy & Confends is a paradise for chocolate junkies. It specializes in handmade Belgian chocolates and certainly feels the taste of each melting candy in your mouth will make you love it.

6 unique cities in Canada that give you the feelings of Europe

Another shop not to be missed is Little White House & Co, which feels like a trip to France. You can refer to this cafe's favorite style of Paris decoration or simply enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea and bite small pieces of cake under the sparkling chandeliers. This is the perfect destination to "dress up" beautifully and check-in stylish photos with friends.


No need to fly to Italy or Portugal to enjoy the wine tour that you always dreamed of when Oliver was the wine capital of Canada.

On a relaxing weekend, you can go to the sunny Okanagan Valley and see the endless vineyards like in Tuscany, Italy. Oliver is also home to many wineries to visit, including prominent names such as Jackson Triggs Okanagan Estates, Oliver Twist Estate, Rust Wine Co. and Burrowing Owl Estate.

6 unique cities in Canada that give you the feelings of Europe

A place not to be missed when coming here is the 13th Street Vineyard, which will make you fall in love quickly by the design of a majestic castle coming out from the paintings.

Harrison Hot Springs

If you want to spend a day pampering yourself, Harrison Hot Springs will definitely be the perfect choice for you. In the world-famous Harrison hot spring resort, you can find five different mineral lakes. The sparkling turquoise lakes will make you feel like you are going to Iceland's most famous Blue Lagoon.

6 unique cities in Canada that give you the feelings of Europe

You can easily spend the whole day here relaxing, taking a dip in hot water or simply lying on the terrace.


A trip to Abbotsford is never enough, as there are so many tourist attractions to explore with your best friend, the hidden pearl Pearl Seaside Winery is a prime example.

Seaside Pearl Winery is like a house of fairy tales. Here, you will have the opportunity to sit on the terrace overlooking the lush green vineyards while enjoying delicious bottles of wine at reasonable prices.

6 unique cities in Canada that give you the feelings of Europe

Ivana TeaHouse is also an interesting destination, which makes you feel like you are sitting in a tea shop in England. They sell a multi-tiered tray that includes sweet and savory dishes like sandwiches, scones and small desserts.

Brentwood Bay

For Canadian tourists, no one will come to Brentwood Bay but forget to visit the famous tourist destination The Butchart Gardens. This over 100-year-old garden feels like a trip to the Epcot amusement park at Disney, drawing visitors into rich and unique topics, but a park for plants. The inside of the garden is divided into several themes, where millions of trees and colorful blooms create colorful landscape paintings.

6 unique cities in Canada that give you the feelings of Europe

If you want to be in Italy, the Italian garden here with ornate bronze statues is sure to delight you. Besides, you also have the opportunity to enjoy genuine Italian gelato ice cream with full of delicious flavors.

Just a short walk away you can see a rose garden like that of Western Park in Spain. This magical flower land is home to more than 2,500 rose trees, some of which are sculpted into arches so visitors can walk below.


6 unique cities in Canada that give you the feelings of Europe

You don't need to fly to Greece to wander the sandy beaches, the unique city of Tofino is also home to a series of spectacular beaches such as Chesterman, Wickaninnish, Cox Bay and MacKenzie. Each location has its own unique characteristics, such as Cox Bay that will make you want to surf, while the calm MacKenzie Sea is the ideal place for boating. Long Beach, a famous beach with 16 km of white sand and clear turquoise sea is also an interesting destination that you can consider.

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