6 tips you to help reduce snoring effectively

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Snoring not only affects people around but also contains many risks associated with diabetes, heart disease

That way you get a better night's sleep

Does your partner keep you awake at night with his or her snoring? Or are you a snorer yourself? Then the night's rest can suffer for you both. Someone who snores can't help it. Although, there are a number of ways you can significantly reduce snoring.

We have listed a number of tips for you.

1. Do not sleep on your back

If you lie on your back, extra pressure is exerted on your throat. The tongue also sinks into the throat, which can cause snoring. By lying on your side, you reduce the chance of snoring.

6 tips you to help reduce snoring effectively

2. Reduce the cause

Three of the biggest reasons people start snoring is when they are overweight, (over) smoking or (over) drinking. If a snorer smokes and drinks, it can help considerably to reduce this. In any case, do not drink alcohol before bed. Even if you are overweight, it helps to lose some weight.

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3. Drink enough

Are your throat, nose and nasal cavity too dry? This can lead to irritation and inflammation, which in turn can cause you to snore. Drink enough water during the day and put a humidifier in the bedroom that you turn on at night.

4. Don't eat too much in the evening

It is never a good idea to eat too much, but avoid this just before bedtime. Especially if the meal contains a lot of fat or sugar, you can mess up your digestive system making it harder to fall asleep. It is also not advisable to consume a milk product before going to sleep, as this can leave a layer of mucus and block the airways.

5. Take a hot shower

If you have a cold, this can greatly affect snoring. Your airways are narrowed. Taking a nice hot shower - or taking a bath - can loosen the snot, which opens the airways.

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6. Do exercises for your tongue and throat

By training your tongue, the lower part of the throat and the soft palate, you can also reduce snoring. This relaxes during sleep, which may hinder the supply and discharge of air through the mouth and nose. By doing exercises, you can make these areas stronger, so that they stay in a natural place while sleeping. There are four exercises, which you have to do for eight minutes a day to notice the difference. The exercises are presented in the video below.

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