6 Things to keep in mind when doing gym for beginners

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Guide gym properly and achieve the fastest performance. The article will show you step by step preparation, research knowledge to be able to achieve the goals set when going to the gym.

Many people mistakenly believe that the process of gym is the most important to improve physique. But for the right gym, besides choosing the right exercise, good mental and physical preparation also contributes to efficiency.

The right way to practice the gym is not simply to go to the gym to perform the exercises, but also to know the knowledge surrounding the practice to get the best effect.

Therefore, when you exercise, you need a reasonable method to achieve the desired effect.

6 Things to keep in mind when doing gym for beginners

How to exercise properly and effectively?

Set clear exercise goals

Creating specific goals is what motivates you to quickly restore your exercise schedule and scientific diet. Set small goals with moderate difficulty, do not force yourself to achieve results that are too much.

First, there is a regular schedule for each week, and specific time for each training session. Then there are weekly exercises to help the body get used to the exercise again. Regular exercise helps maintain good fitness.

Practice slowly, not in a hurry

When your training is interrupted, your body becomes less flexible than before. No matter what intensity you've done before, at this point you still need a certain amount of time for your body to adjust back. The advice is not to put too much pressure on yourself to avoid unwanted injuries.

Take your workout slowly, starting with lighter and shorter exercises. After that, you can gradually increase the time and intensity of exercise when you feel your body is ready.

6 Things to keep in mind when doing gym for beginners

Appropriate muscle relaxation

After a period of no practice, the body was no longer as soft as before. Therefore, stretching is an important step before getting into the main exercises. When you do not relax, this causes exercise to put pressure on your muscles, causing bad injuries.

Therefore, stretching will help you increase the range of motion, that is, the limbs and joints have the ability to move more flexibly and more flexible without pain or injury. Therefore, taking 10 - 15 minutes to stretch before training not only helps you avoid injury, but also maximizes exercise performance.

Practice basic movements first

When you first return to the gym, you will likely encounter negative comments from people who notice about your body. It could also be a comment about your training that the exercise is not intense enough, ...

But the gym is a place where you train seriously to get a toned body, and the training will probably be hindered in time during long breaks.

Therefore, you should not be too concerned about the comments of others. Practice basic movements, appropriate to the body and proper techniques. These exercises will help build muscle and prepare you for a solid foundation of harder movements later.

6 Things to keep in mind when doing gym for beginners

Scientific diet

After the social separation and the rest of the training period to prevent epidemics, the schedule of work, exercise, rest interrupted and eating and drinking are no longer organized. Therefore, when you return to your exercise schedule, boost your body with a scientific diet.

Specifically, you need to focus on adding water and providing good carbs, good fats, and protein into your diet. And do not forget to eat or drink lightly before, after training to energize your body. Nutrition is a very important factor for the body to return to its toned shape.

Need injury prevention

During training there will be problems that make training less effective and make us feel depressed. Injury is a major problem that is easy to encounter. Injuries that result from external influences on the body and high intensity exercise will cause injury. In practice, injuries primarily cause muscle, joint or bone pain. Trauma will be uncomfortable and inhibited both mentally and physically.

During practice, you want to try a difficult or heavy movement, but when you are halfway through the exercise, the old injury recurs painfully, feeling inhibited and depressed. A serious or minor injury can take a lot of time to recover and affect training, so you should take steps to limit the injury: Start carefully before starting training. Choose the exercise Do not exercise continuously and regularly. Practice the right techniques. Appropriate exercise and rest time ...

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