6 Signs of a man with good kidney function

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Healthy kidney men not only help them be agile, strong, and live long, but they can also provide many other health benefits. You should see if you have enough of these characteristics to strive.

Along with the increasing pressure of life in everyday life, many people put their all into their work and ignore the concern about physical health.

It is said that the greatest wealth in life is hope, and life's greatest capital is health. Life's greatest happiness is joy, and life's greatest luck is peace

Matter is the foundation of health, spirit is the pillar of health, exercise / exercise is the source of health, science is the miracle weapon of health, and the health index is the guarantee paper. for health.

In everyday life, any gentleman is afraid of others saying that "kidney is lacking" and "incapable" or "powerless". That's why healthy kidneys are a man's eternal goal!

In our subconscious mind, whether a person's kidney function is good or not, we must first look at the appearance, for example, this man is tall, big, has flesh, well-developed limb muscles. All of us wouldn't think he had a kidney problem. Therefore, the kidneys of a good person are more or less visible from the outside.

6 Signs of a man with good kidney function

6 Signs of a man with good kidney function

1, Body hair dense, or known as hirsutism

As the saying goes, "a healthy man is full of hair", this is not unreasonable, because the growth and development of body hair, like hair, are both related to the kidneys being applied to.

The kidney is not merely an internal organ, it includes the reproductive, growth and development functions of the body. Water host kidney, gas intake, root canal, bone host, etc. Therefore, the male hormone secreted by the reproductive organs stimulates the hair to grow full of vitality, which is also a good function of the men's kidneys.

2, Black hair

The famous book of Oriental medicine, Emperor Noi Kinh says that men with strong kidneys have strong black hair. Because Oriental medicine believes that, a person has strong kidney function, hair must be black and shiny, body hair will be stronger. "Hair is the flower of the kidneys, hair is the remaining gas of blood."

Black hair or not, healthy shine or not is related to the kidneys, the kidneys store the essence, the flower is the hair, and the hair's nutrition comes from the blood. If the kidneys are not strong enough, the hair will turn gray prematurely, lose its shine, and fall out. If the kidneys are healthy, the hair is black, shiny and not easily shed.

6 Signs of a man with good kidney function

3, Good hearing

"Kidney gifted in the ear", the normal hearing function of the ear depends on the nourishment of sperm, marrow, blood and gas, the kidneys store the sperm and bone marrow, and the kidney is the mother of the liver, the liver is the place. contain blood.

So good hearing is a sign that kidney function is working well. According to the theory of Oriental medicine, the auditory function of the ear is closely related to the rise and fall of the kidney qi. When there are symptoms of tinnitus, sadness, or hearing loss, kidney failure may be considered.

4, Good memory

As it has been said, the essence of the kidney nourishes the brain, if the kidney function is not good, the brain's response will be slow, regardless of some things, memory will naturally decline over time and very easy to forget a lot.

As for those with good kidney function, the brain's energy and response will be very fast. The faster you are, you will be very sensitive to the things around you, and your natural memory will be much stronger.

6 Signs of a man with good kidney function

5, Strong teeth

The bones of the kidneys, teeth are the foundation of the kidneys, in addition to the bones, teeth are the hardest parts in the human body, the development of teeth is affected by the kidney qi, good kidneys will help the teeth to be strong.

Traditional medicine believes that normal human teeth will be white, shiny and firm, which is a manifestation of strong kidney qi and quality body.

Since the kidneys dominate the bones to produce marrow, the marrow is filled with sperm and gas in the kidneys, and "teeth are the rest of the bones", that is, teeth and bones have the same origin, so teeth are also made of sperm and gases in the kidneys affect.

6, Beautiful and shiny skin

A person's skin can best reflect a person's state of health. The beautiful shine of the skin is not the skin type painted with cosmetics but the skin firm, ruddy and shiny, not showing old age or aging.

Currently, many young people are under a lot of pressure and work a lot. Renal kidney failure, dark skin, dark black, prominent puffiness under the eyes are a warning sign that you belong to poor kidney gas group.

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