6 recognizable signs that estrogen in your body is too high

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Women should never underestimate estrogen, because it is a hormone that determines women's beauty, health and longevity.

As a woman, there's nothing as scary as getting old before your age and not having children. If you really care about your body, you need to pay special attention to estrogen. This is an extremely important hormone in the body, responsible for promoting the development and maintenance of sex characteristics. In addition, it is closely related to the menstruation and fertility of women.

The lack of estrogen severely affects the female body. But too much estrogen is dangerous as well, as it can lead to some gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids, breast hyperplasia, infertility... If you see the 6 following signs, it confirms estrogen levels in your body are high, and you need to adjust it in time.

6 signs that your body has too much estrogen

1. Obesity

6 recognizable signs that estrogen in your body is too high

When being overweight, it means that too much fat in the body has too much fat. This will increase the levels of estrogen, or cause the conversion of male hormones to estrogen. The weight gain can be due to many reasons, instead of frantically rushing to lose weight, women should best see if it is due to hormonal disorders.

2. Endocrine disorders

Too much estrogen will cause hormonal disorders, leading to skin changes such as dryness, dullness, allergies ... At this time, women will often buy many cosmetics, hoping to improve the situation. his skin condition. After some time if the skin is still not changing, women need to think about the high estrogen ability.

3. Menstrual disorders

6 recognizable signs that estrogen in your body is too high

Estrogen is involved in menstrual formation. Too high estrogen levels will promote endometrial proliferation, slowing down your period. Therefore, if women find that menstrual periods are irregular, check to see if estrogen levels are abnormal.

4. Hyperplasia or dysplasia of the mammary gland

Estrogen of women too high will be susceptible to breast hyperplasia, the common expression is sagging breasts, uneven sides, black areola ... These symptoms are not too difficult to detect, so women Women need to pay more attention to their bodies.

5. Uterine fibroids

The main cause of fibroids is too much estrogen. This tumor depends a lot on estrogen. If estrogen levels are normal, the fibroids will gradually shrink. The disease is especially prone to women with fertility and strong ovaries.

6 recognizable signs that estrogen in your body is too high

6. Ovarian inflammation

Estrogen can promote follicle growth. If estrogen levels are too high, this is not conducive to the normal development of the ovaries.

How to regulate estrogen levels in the body?

If high levels of estrogen are detected, women should not be pessimistic because we can adjust the content of this hormone. Instead of using drugs, women completely regulate estrogen through the following natural, healthy methods:

Too high estrogen will clearly show through these 6 signs, knowing to timely adjust otherwise will cause serious consequences - Photo 4.
Instead of using drugs, women completely regulate estrogen through natural methods.

- Eat more foods rich in selenium and zinc

Foods rich in selenium and zinc will increase the male hormone in the body, thus inhibiting and balancing estrogen is at a high level. Some foods to eat now are oysters, kelp, sesame, walnuts.

- Regular body massage

Regular massage can promote lymphatic and blood circulation in the body. It helps accelerate the metabolism of waste and toxins in the body, thereby regulating endocrine and improving estrogen levels in the body.

For example, when watching TV, women can massage their limbs. This habit promotes blood circulation, contributing to hormonal regulation.

- Do exercise

Regular exercise helps the body metabolize waste and toxins. Plays an important role in stabilizing weight and balancing estrogen content.

- Eat soy products

Soy will change the secretion of hormones in the body. When estrogen levels in the body are too high, it can lower estrogen levels.

And finally, when you suspect any amount of hormone in the body abnormal, you should visit a reputable facility to be tested and diagnosed most accurately.

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