6 Most expensive dog breeds in the world

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Dogs are known as a close companion of human beings. People tend to love dogs in particular, and they are willing to pay a large amount of money to buy them.

BREAK brings out the list of 6 most expensive dog breeds in the world.

Vlcak Czechoslovakia

6 Most expensive dog breeds in the world
Source: Petguide.

The Czechoslovakian wolf is a very unusual breed, having the appearance of a wolf and the character of a truly loyal soldier who serves his employer. Thanks to its qualities, the wolf is a very serious, very bright animal. This is not to say that this breed is very popular outside its native territory, however, the Czechoslovakian werewolf has their loyal fans.

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6 Most expensive dog breeds in the world
Source: Pets4homes

One of the oldest breeds of dogs, Salukis was once considered a gift from Allah. They were as fast as the wind, as a supermodel and quietly devoted to their people. A Saluki is prone to grooming, training challenges and not being believed in chains.

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6 Most expensive dog breeds in the world
Source: Akc

The Azawakh is eye-almond and slim. It moves with distinct gait and can be found in a variety of colors as well as a different level of complexity, although the format is basically unchanged.

This breed is one of the few African dog breeds available for purchase in Canada and the United States. Usually colored in sand or brown, this breed is quite vivid and needs a lot of physical activity and a caring owner to really have fun. Prices can reach $3000 or more.


6 Most expensive dog breeds in the world
Source: Puffandfluffspa

The Rottweiler is a medium-sized dog, slightly longer than the height and strong with a strong, substantial structure. Historically, they incorporate the necessary capabilities for jobs that require strength, agility, and endurance. Their throat is robust and robust, with strong reach and drive. Their plumage is straight, coarse and dense. Their snout is short enough to have strength, but long enough to breathe and cool properly. Their manifestations reflect some of their best characteristics; High, and confident.


6 Most expensive dog breeds in the world
Source: PetMD

The Akita is a great and powerful Bree D dog with a noble and scary presence. They were originally used to protect the royal family and nobility in Japan in feudal times. These dogs also watched and hunted boar, black bears and sometimes deer. Akita does not step back in front of the challenges and not fear easily. Therefore, they are the fearless and faithful guard of their family. However, they are also emotional, respectful and laughable dogs when trained and socially correct.

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Tibetan Dog Clam

6 Most expensive dog breeds in the world
Source: Bloggingmania

Tibetan clam is dubbed the "Lord of the Steppe", or "Snowy Mountain lion" by living in the Himalayan Mountains and Tibet China. "Bigger than the wolf, stronger than the flower newspaper and faster than the deer" is what people mention when talking about this clam dog.

Due to their thick plumage, they are able to withstand cold. Aside from the inherent beauty, Tibetan clam dogs are quite powerful and aggressive, causing many to be frightened.

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