6 Most effective cancer prevention foods that everyone should eat every day

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The incidence of cancer today is very high, which makes many people feel worried. So to prevent cancer effectively, keep in mind the diet to keep away from this evil disease. Currently, there are a number of fruits and vegetables that not only provide a lot of nutrients, but also provide cancer prevention effects that everyone should eat regularly.

The dangerous cancer is becoming more and more frightening because the prevention is not well implemented, the early examination and treatment are not respected, so the incidence of morbidity and mortality is increasing incessantly.

Therefore, to prevent disease effectively, one of the easiest ways is to eat and choose foods that prevent and prevent cancer cells from growing.
Nutrition experts in the world said: "There is no super food that can fight cancer. However, scientists estimate that eating an optimal diet for cancer can reduce the risk by up to 70% and potentially help recovery after treatment. 30-40% of all cancers can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle and a scientific diet with anti-cancer foods. It is very complex and effective for several different anti-cancer foods, because the effect depends on how the food is grown, processed, stored and cooked."

According to experts, the following are the most common, affordable and easily purchased foods to add to your daily diet. Eating the right amount and regularly can prevent cancer effectively.

6 Most effective cancer prevention foods that everyone should eat every day

The top foods to prevent cancer


Many of us are not interested in garlic because of its odor and pungency, but in fact, garlic contains very rich trace elements and allicin, especially the highest selenium content. In garlic, can effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer, while inhibiting the spread of cancer cells in the body. In addition, garlic can also improve immunity and resistance, especially when eating garlic in the winter, it will help our body increase resistance and healthier.

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Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a long-standing dish, it not only has abundant nutrients and health care value, but also has anti-cancer effects. The reason is that sweet potatoes contain the essential fats, proteins, carotene and amino acids our bodies need. Regular consumption of sweet potatoes not only protects the spleen and stomach, but also protects the kidneys better. Sweet potatoes also enhance the body's immunity and effectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

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In folklore, radish has been likened to white ginseng due to its many health and healing uses.

Radish has a very high nutritional value and can help us fight cancer, because beets contain many enzymes, enzymes that can eliminate carcinogens in the body.


Several studies have shown that eating tomatoes may help prevent prostate cancer. The red orbs help protect the DNA in your cells from damage that can lead to cancer. Tomatoes contain a high concentration of an effective antioxidant called lycopene.

Vitamin C in cabbage is 3 times more than in tomatoes, in addition it also contains vitamin e and carotene, fiber and many other nutrients; These substances all work to prevent cancer quickly.

6 Most effective cancer prevention foods that everyone should eat every day


The reason why seafood (sea animal) foods have this effect is mainly because the selenium content of seafood is said to be relatively high, which not only enhances the ability protect the immune system and fight viruses, but can also improve the liver's ability to fight viruses, helping to prevent recurrent liver disease.

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At the same time, seafood is also a food that can reduce the symptoms of hepatitis, enhance the effectiveness of the drug and reduce the risk of hepatitis developing into liver cancer.

In addition, seafood high in selenium also has a detoxifying function, which can help us reduce liver damage caused by toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, benzene and arsenic.


It is known that taro contains a mucus protein that will be produced by our body, and immune globulin can help us improve the body's resistance, enhance immunity to prevent prevent cancer.

With rich nutrition, taro also brings many health benefits such as: Stimulating digestion, preventing diabetes, helping cardiovascular health, skin beauty and especially taro plays an important role. for antioxidant activity in the body and contributes to the prevention of cancer.

Note: When eating taro to avoid the next day because after one night the food will ferment and have a large amount of nitrite - this is a very high carcinogen. Therefore, do not regret cheap leftovers from the previous day to take advantage of eating the next day to avoid harm to health.

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