6 most delicious and eye-catching desserts in India

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After having a good meal, a dessert that is delicious and attractive is important to complete your perfect experience. Let’s go to India and enjoy the unique cuisine here, and do not forget to try the 6 most beautiful and most loved desserts in this country below.

While more and more people around the world are dreaming of tandoori chicken or naan bread, Indian desserts have yet to receive that worldwide enthusiasm. As most Indian dishes use typical spices, the country's desserts are often red and have a smell of cardamom or nutmeg, and look extremely tasty.

In India, desserts can be used as a lunch-end dish, or even a snack, for breakfast or as fast food while traveling. Here are 6 most eye-catching desserts of India that you can find not only in this country but also in many other countries in the world.

6 most delicious and eye-catching desserts in India


6 most delicious and eye-catching desserts in India

Bebinca is a traditional pudding often made on holidays like Christmas or Easter in the Goa region of India, originating from Portuguese settlers. Bebinca is composed mainly of egg batter, wheat flour, nutmeg and coconut milk, baked in thin layers, then stacked with a layer of margarine in the middle.

To make this pudding, people will need to invest both time and effort, because the pudding usually consists of a minimum of 7 layers, up to 16 layers. The color and appearance of Bebinca, along with the delicious flavor, show off the skill of the baker and make any tourist enjoy it.

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Aamras puri

6 most delicious and eye-catching desserts in India

Unlike other Indian sweets, Aamras puri is only popular during the ripe mango season because the main ingredient to make this dish is mango. Different recipes may use saffron, milk or powdered sugar to flavor the dish, but the most important ingredient is ripe mango. The fruit mixture is refrigerated, then eaten with puri, a crispy bread.

Really, it's hard to resist a huge bowl of fresh mango mixture, with a little pure mango sauce - the dessert is just too great.

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Gajar halwa

6 most delicious and eye-catching desserts in India

Gajar halwa is a carrot pudding, one of the most delicious and popular desserts in India. The secret to a perfect bowl of Gajar halwa lies in cooking carrots with liquid butter and milk until they are creamy and pudding-like. They then add cardamom, pistachios and sometimes raisins, and serve the dish with vanilla ice cream.

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6 most delicious and eye-catching desserts in India

"It's simple and delicious" – this is a compliment many visitors have for Shrikhand when they first try it. This dish is similar to yogurt, made of a fermented milk marinated with cardamom, sugar and saffron, creating a slightly appealing yellow color that makes Shrikhand different from regular yogurt.

Sometimes Indians combine Shrikhand with salty side dishes to create a perfect sweet and savory mixture.

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Mishti Doi

6 most delicious and eye-catching desserts in India

This West Bengal dish is made up of simple ingredients such as milk and then sweetened with palm sugar, a sugar made from sugarcane juice or palm tree sap. It almost tastes like a baked dish, but you eat it in a cold form in a clay bowl, with saffron, shredded pistachios or even some edible flowers.

In addition to desserts, Indians consider Mishti Doi as a breakfast dish, part of lunch or can even be served with a main dish such as fish.

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Motichoor Ladoo

6 most delicious and eye-catching desserts in India

At first glance, you will think that these "deep fried mini balls" will probably taste like donuts, but in fact you are wrong. The dessert called Motichoor Ladoo is more special than you think.

They are made from the mung bean flour, bringing the sweet, slightly greasy taste of mung beans, marinated with saffron seeds or melon seeds and sugar to increase the sweetness, sometimes mixed with food colors to create bright orange colors. As soon as you take a bite, Motichoor Ladoo breaks in your mouth, and you will understand why this is one of the best desserts of India.

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