6 most beautiful places for wedding photos in Japan

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The romance, tranquility and poetics of Japan really turn wedding photos into perfect fairytales. Here are the best locations for wedding photos in Japan.

Japan has its own charm that those who have the opportunity to come here can't resist.

6 best locations to take wedding photos in Japan

Kiyosumi garden, Tokyo

Kiyosumi garden is like a miniature Japan. The layout at Kiyosumi is very different. Not only are there hundreds of blooming flowers, there are many different types of stones such as granite, red soccer ... On the stele are engraved with quintessential haiku poems of Basho poet making the space of the area The garden, which has been harmoniously elegant, is even more poetic.

6 most beautiful places for wedding photos in Japan

Located in the heart of bustling Tokyo are landscaped gardens such as Kiyosumi Teien, where both locals commute to work and weary travelers travel to relax and unwind. Built by a wealthy merchant capitalist in the Meiji area, the park carries a lot of history, as well as lots of flowers. Each season offers a range of fresh flowers and colors, so this is definitely a must-visit place anytime of the day.

In recent years, this place has become one of the most beautiful locations for wedding photos in Japan, chosen by a large number of young people from Japan and abroad to make meaningful photos of their life. The scenery of the Kiyosumi garden makes the wedding photos more wonderful and sparkling.

Arashiyama bamboo forest

Sagano Bamboo Forest, also known as Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, is considered one of the best forests in Japan. It is a popular tourist and photography spot located in the ancient capital of Kyoto.

6 most beautiful places for wedding photos in Japan

Sagano Forest is most visited by visitors in spring and autumn. Especially during the cherry blossom season, many visitors come to watch the flowers combined to visit the bamboo forest.

Here couples often wear traditional Japanese costumes to take extremely romantic nostalgic wedding photos.

From 2015 onwards, all tourists can visit the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest for free at any time of the year. If you are in the ancient capital of Kyoto, do not miss this best wedding photos location in Japan.

Kinkaku-Ji Temple, Kyoto

This is the most famous golden temple in the ancient capital of Kyoto. The location of the temple is very harmonious with nature, surrounded by green mountains, in front of a large lake.

6 most beautiful places for wedding photos in Japan

The temple grounds have a kaiyushiki-style garden (a garden with a lake in the center). The view of the temple reflecting on Kyoko Lake makes it a great venue for wedding photos. You can come here any season of the year, but winter is probably the most popular time,

Coming here in the right snowy season, you will admire the beautiful scenery. The temple is printed on the image of a pure lake, covered with white snow everywhere, creating a serene and tranquil feeling.

Shinjuku Gyoen Park

One of the most beautiful wedding photos locations in Japan that can't be missed is Shinjuku Gyoen National Park. The 58.3ha wide park owns great natural harmony with the charming architecture.

6 most beautiful places for wedding photos in Japan

Rich, vibrant vegetation, many works with distinct themes: French, English and traditional Japanese. Just go to a place where the bride and groom can take pictures of outdoor style.

In addition, the Shinjuku Gyoen campus with over 10,000 trees including cherry blossoms and momiji trees. Along with flowers such as roses, camellia depending on the season, the park is always dyed gorgeous. Here, the bride and groom can unleash their poses to have the unique wedding photos in Japan.

Itsukushima Shrine, Hiroshima

Itsukushima Shrine, located on Miyajima Island, Hiroshima, was built in 1168. This is a favorite place for tourists as well as one of the famous wedding photos spots in Japan.

6 most beautiful places for wedding photos in Japan

In particular, the most prominent is the "Floating Torii Gate" of Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island, Hiroshima was built in 1168. The gate is submerged in water when the rising tide creates a fanciful feeling like a place in the future.

Itsukushima Shrine is a shrine built on the sea, and the landscape varies depending on the tide. When the tide rises to more than 250cm, you will see Itsukushima Shrine floating in the sea. When the tide is below 100cm, you can walk to the foot of the Torii gate. On days when there is a big difference in the ebb and flow, if you are here from dawn to dusk, you can admire the "Floating Torii Gate" and walk all the way to the foot of the Torii gate.

Flower fields at the foot of Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is still considered a proud symbol of the Japanese people. The mountain over 3,000m tall and magnificent has existed for hundreds of years and this country has become the subject of many artists' souls. Just that much is enough to understand how beautiful it is. The scenery at the foot of Mount Fuji is also very popular with many couples and is chosen as the place for wedding photos.

6 most beautiful places for wedding photos in Japan

Nature at the foot of Mount Fuji is poetic and romantic. If you want to take photos with flowers then head to the purple field of flowers here. And if you love a place with water, the large and small freshwater lakes such as Shoji, Motosuu, Yamanaka, Kawaguchi ... will definitely not disappoint you.

Spring is the time when many couples come to Mount Fuji to take wedding photos and travel the most. So to have a wonderful wedding photo album, you should coordinate a reasonable schedule and choose an appropriate location.

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