6 London museums that make you don't want to leave

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Choosing the best London museum is too difficult, because each place has its own appeal. However, here are some suggestions for you.

Discovering the museums of London, which displays millions of priceless specimens to prove the development of each culture in the world... is an extremely interesting activity.

6 best museums to visit in London

V&A Museum

The V&A Museum is an abbreviation for the Victoria and Albert Museum located in the Brompton district of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London. This is the largest museum in the world that attracts millions of London tourists every year.

The museum is famous for its unique sculptures, architectural models of up to 2, 27 million works. The V&A Museum is named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and was completed in 1852.

6 London museums that make you dont want to leave

The museum is designed in European architecture with magnificent and magnificent royal style. Ancient carvings exuding elegance carry the symbol of the Queen of England. V&A showcases sculpture collections spanning 5,000 years of culture across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. You will admire the sphinx statues, Egyptian emperor statues or mysterious Buddha statues from Asia.

6 London museums that make you dont want to leave

In particular, the museum is home to the largest collection outside of Italy of sculptures from the Renaissance. In addition, here you will also visit the art galleries of other fields such as pottery, glass, textiles, jewelry, furniture... the largest and comprehensive in the world.

Address: Cromwell Street, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RL, UK
Tickets: free

British Museum

The British Museum is named and the largest museum in the world when displaying more than 7 million artifacts from all different fields: sculpture, painting, antiques, costumes, furniture, architecture... Here It was also the first national museum open to the public in 1759 after it was completed.

6 London museums that make you dont want to leave

Right when you enter the place, the British Museum has displayed many valuable artifacts such as fossils, animal skeletons from prehistoric times...

The museum also introduces artifacts of ancient and contemporary cultures such as Rosetta stones from ancient Egypt and Parthenon sculptures from Acland in Athens.

The galleries are divided by regions of the world and the historical flow from ancient Egypt, ancient Iran, ancient China... This helps visitors easily visualize the change. change of cultures from time to time. One thing to note is that all priceless works will be protected by the most modern glass box and security network.

6 London museums that make you dont want to leave

According to statistics, the British Museum attracts 6 million visitors each year to visit, research on each different culture. One of the highlights of the museum is the design of the Parthenon style temple in Italy, different from medieval European architecture. The most attractive thing about the British Museum is that the tickets are free.

Address: Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG
Tickets: Free

Natural History Museum

As its name suggests, the British Museum of Natural History exhibits specimens from the natural history of the earth, and has been separated from the British Museum since 1963.

6 London museums that make you dont want to leave

The museum is home to 80 million specimens for all areas of paleontology. Inside the museum is divided into major collections according to each gallery: zoology, botany, entomology, minerals, and paleontology...

In addition, the museum also has a huge library of books, journals or handwritten discussion boards, and display galleries belonging to scientists like Darwin. The Natural History Museum is a favorite place for prehistoric biologists and mineralologists to visit and learn.

6 London museums that make you dont want to leave

In addition, the museum's architecture is also an attraction for British tourists when it is designed as a castle with magnificent Gothic architecture. But as soon as you step inside you will be attracted to artifacts like the huge dinosaur skeleton placed in the main hall, or the prehistoric bird model suspended on the ceiling.

Address: Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London
Admission: Free

London Transport Museum

The Transport Museum of London, also known as the LT Museum, which displays all forms of public transport in London, was founded in 1920. The museum has a full collection of chariots. Tugs, cars, and buses have been operated in the UK.

6 London museums that make you dont want to leave

You will be back to the past to admire the first horse bus used during the Victorian era, the 18th-century steam buses to see the development history of public transport in England.

In particular, do not miss the opportunity to visit London's famous underground transport system during World War II. It is the largest public underground transport system in Europe to avoid fascist encroachments.

In addition, the museum is also a place to attract lovers of classic car models to visit and research about cars.

At the museum is also dedicated to all amusement parks for children aged 0-7 years old. The play area is full of mini cars, trains, boats to play, test drive or repair these models.

Address: Covent Garden, West End, London
Admission: Free for visitors aged 0-18, adult tickets: VND 400,000

Design Museum

The Design Museum, also known as the London Museum of Design, was founded in 1989 by Terence Conran, originally based near the Tower Bridge on the River Thames and moved to Kensington in 2011.

The museum is designed in a Dutch architectural style with the style of the new era breath. The building is installed with blue glass combined with the garden to create airiness. The roof features a Hyperbolic-Paraboloid dual design in accordance with the theme of design and creativity.

6 London museums that make you dont want to leave

On the ground floor are a gallery of some temporary exhibitions and an area that welcomes visitors. As you stand on the ground floor, you can look up to the floors and see the uniqueness of the double domed layers intertwined.

The second floor area is a library of millions of architectural and design works for visitors. This is one of the treasures of interesting materials for students, lecturers and researchers to learn and find new sources of inspiration.

In particular, in the museum there is a Swarovski Foundation Learning Center full of facilities such as Design Studio, Creative Workshop, two conference rooms and a Common room for members and students.

6 London museums that make you dont want to leave

On the top floor is the place where you will visit fixed collections such as designs made by Studio Myerscough, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby...

In addition, alternating between floors are design exhibitions for many fields such as fashion, furniture, architecture, graphic design...

The museum space also has a restaurant area where visitors can rest, view the view of Holland Park or the scenery of the hall is both luxurious and unique.

Address: 224-238 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London W8 6AG, England.
Admission: free.

Not only attractive for architecture, the London Museum is also a place to store invaluable values ​​of cultures around the world along the history of human development.

Discovering these museums will help you gain more knowledge about culture, history of England and the whole world.

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