6 Hollywood movies of the 90s that you'll fall in love with

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The 1990s were considered to be the time of unforgettable works of art. In addition to timeless songs, which are classified as classics, in the realm of cinema, many impressive films have captured the hearts of the audience. Comedy, action, or psycho-social, whatever the genre, these films are the treasure of Hollywood.

Until now when watching those movies, the feelings of the old days still flow into the hearts of fans. Choosing which films are most representative is not easy. But let us review the following 6 memorable movies!

6 Hollywood movies of the 90s that you'll surely enjoy

Ghost (1990):

6 Hollywood movies of the 90s that youll fall in love with

Ghost ranks among the best romantic movies of all time. With a unique fantasy theme, Ghost tells the touching story between the wife and her husband's ghost. Admittedly, the hot scenes of love between the two main characters at that time were still quite ... shocking to many Vietnamese audiences. The film is also a launching pad for the name of actress Demi Moore. At the same time, her impressive co-starring role earned Whoopi Goldberg the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Terminator 2 (1991):

6 Hollywood movies of the 90s that youll fall in love with

With Terminator, the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger really shines in the hearts of Vietnamese audiences. In those days, the action film genre did not yet possess many sophisticated cinematic techniques as today. Therefore, the image of robot destruction in the film of director James Cameron has made the audience go from surprise to surprise. In the world, Terminator 2 is considered to have an important impact on the film industry in the science fiction genre. The film marks the first time filmmakers have used real-life actor motion for characters created from computer software.

Jurassic Park (1993):

6 Hollywood movies of the 90s that youll fall in love with

The dinosaur world still has many unknowns for humans. Taking advantage of that taste, director Steven Spielberg brought to the screen the topic of dinosaurs based on the novel of the same name Jurassic Park. Although the techniques used in the film are still quite rudimentary compared to today's technology, the thrill and honest acting of the cast has brought a breakthrough commercial success to Jurassic Park. Up to now, the film has made up 5 parts with many video game products, short films, theme parks, and so on.

The Lion King (1994):

6 Hollywood movies of the 90s that youll fall in love with

The Lion King is one of the Disney animated films. Although 3D animation technology has evolved to a new level today, the 2D works, typically The Lion King, still leave a beautiful aftertaste in the audience. Borrowing the animal world to send deep, philosophical messages about love and life, the Lion King is more than just an animated film for children.

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Titanic (1997):

6 Hollywood movies of the 90s that youll fall in love with

The movie was too famous to be able to say anything more. James Cameron has always been the director of cinematic works for life (later Avatar in 2009). With a disaster element inspired by the famous Titanic shipwreck, the film also incorporates the romantic love story of Jack and Rose from two different classes. Not only sweeping big and small movie awards, Titanic also set a record as the first movie to gross $ 1 billion (equivalent to more than 23300 billion). In 2012, Titanic was re-released in 3D.

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Saving Private Ryan (1998):

6 Hollywood movies of the 90s that youll fall in love with

Saving Private Ryan is set in the confrontation of US and German troops during World War II. Sacrifice, the noble teamwork is the humane meaning that viewers can feel through the rescue of the last son of a mother in wartime. The film has been nominated for 11 prestigious Oscars, and is the bright spot in the careers of actors Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel, ...

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